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Spring 2017

The Country Gentleman

Connie B. Gay ’35 may not be a household name, but he helped make country music a common sound in homes across the nation in the 1950s. Read about the boy from Lizard Lick, N.C., who helped bring what was once called “hillbilly music” to the city and the masses—and is credited with popularizing the phrase “country music.” Gay’s image even graces the museum of the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tenn.

Snack on This

Hostess Twinkies. Cabot cheese. BelVita breakfast biscuits. Take a look in your fridge or on the grocery shelf and you may well be looking at a product developed or marketed by a fellow Wolfpacker. In fact, as CEO of Hostess Brands, Bill Toler ’82 helped the company regain its footing after bankruptcy and keep the fabled crème-filled cakes on the shelf. Find out if your favorite snack has an NC State connection.

Harrelson Lives

Harrelson Hall no longer graces the Brickyard. But in a way, Harrelson lives on. Some 95 percent of the building’s non-hazardous materials and contents were recycled or reused— including 100 interior doors that are now being used in a firefighter training program. And some limestone panels from the façade were used to create benches in the landscaped area that was Harrelson's footprint.

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