NC State's bold ambition leads us forward in solving the grand challenges of a complicated world. Like the generations that walked these bricks before us, we have the courage to think beyond boundaries and do the extraordinary.

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Make a Donation to the Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is your lifetime connection to your alma mater. We provide support for alumni programs and help future Wolfpackers achieve their educational goals through undergraduate scholarships and student programs. Your support helps makes this possible. When you make a donation to the Friends of the Alumni Association fund, you are supporting students, alumni organizations, Wolfpack traditions and so much more.

In addition to the Friends of the Alumni Association fund, you can also give directly to support the Caldwell Fellows Program. The Alumni Association supports this intensive leadership-development program, which brings together young people who share a passion for learning, growing and serving others.

Ways to Donate

Make a donation online. Use our secure online form to make your donation with your credit card. You can select the Friends of the Alumni Association fund or the Caldwell Fellows fund from the drop down menu.

Mail a check payable to the NC State Alumni Association. Include instructions regarding your donation designation and mail to:

NC State Alumni Association
Box 7474
Raleigh, NC 27695-7474

Thank you for your support!