John T. CaldwellThe Caldwell Fellows legacy represents the convergence of two historic programs at NC State:

The Caldwell Scholarship Program was created in 1977 by the Alumni Association to honor the legacy of John T. Caldwell. As chancellor of NC State for 16 years, Caldwell presided over the university as a servant leader: inspiring excellence, modeling moral behavior and marshaling the strengths of the entire campus to further the common good.

Guided by a deep respect for the potential inside every individual, Caldwell held a vision of NC State as a place where young people could find and refine their unique capabilities and potential. More than 90 Caldwell Scholarship endowments rest with the Alumni Association and annually fund more than 75 Caldwell Scholarships.

The NC Fellows were established in 1968 by the Smith Richardson Foundation. Concerned for the state’s future leadership, Richardson established Fellows programs on several North Carolina campuses and charged them with providing special opportunities to enhance the development of potential leaders.

Endowments and gifts to The Caldwell Fellows provide funds for individual students and program support.