NC State changed your life. It provided you an education for a career and not just a job. You made forever friends and learned a few life lessons. Naturally, NC State holds a special place in your heart. Celebrate that love and pride by becoming a life member of your Alumni Association.

Life members receive:
• Invitations to alumni events with life member-only discounts
• Premium Pack Perks, which offers 100,000 national and local discounts
• Life member recognition certificate, lapel pin and decal
• Opportunities to engage with other alumni through WolfTreks travel

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Thank you to our life members:

Mr. Chris Aberg 2008
Mr. James S. Achurch 1989
Mrs. Rebecca E. Achurch 
Dr. Michael S. Acquesta 1982
Mr. Maurice Ramon Acra 1967
Mrs. Alice M. Adams 
Mrs. Bonnie W. Adams 
Dr. George L. Adams, III 1974
Mr. Jack Lynn Adams 1965
Mrs. Jenny H. Adams 2000
Mr. Mike W. Adams 2000
Mr. Darrell P. Ahne 
Mrs. Rebecca H. Ahne 1994
Ms. Kerry Ahrend 1978
Mrs. Schwanzetta W. Aikens 1991
Mr. David C. Ailor 1975
Dr. Bruce E. Akers 1987
Mr. Sean P. Aland 1981
Mrs. Terry M. Aland 
Mr. Andy S. Albright 1986
Mr. Ralph B. Alexander 1976
Mr. David M. Alford 1997
Mrs. Kristy W. Alford 1997
Mr. Andrew C. Allen 2009
Mr. Graham Nelson Allen 2010
Mr. J. Mark Allen 1977
Mrs. Jordan A. Allen 2010
Mr. James M. Allison, Sr. 1967
Mr. Gary T. Allred 1978
Mr. Chris Allred 2010
Mrs. Sharon B. Allred 1977
Dr. Richard D. Alston 1976
Mr. Jud Ammons 1957
Mrs. Allison M. Anderson 2005
Mr. Christopher G. Anderson 1975
Mr. David M. Anderson 2005
Mrs. Dorothy N. Anderson 
Dr. Edwin B. Anderson, Jr. 1993
Mrs. Jacki H. Anderson 1992
Mr. James F. Anderson, Jr. 1986
Mr. James H. Anderson 1965
Mr. Neal W. Andrew 1993
John W. Andrews, Ph.D. 1985
Mr. Vivek Annem 2016
Ms. S. Helen Anthony 2013
Dr. Guy M. Arcuri 1985
Mrs. Marie F. Arcuri 1984
Mrs. Donna Arminio 
Mr. Robert J. Arminio 1986
Mr. Harry A. Armstrong 1999
Dr. Jeffrey D. Armstrong 1984
Mrs. Sabrina C. Armstrong 2000
Mr. Steven R. Armstrong 1989
Mr. Vincent A. Armstrong 2016
Mr. James W. Arnold 1974
Mrs. Jie D. Arnold 
Mr. Roger D. Arnold 1983
Mr. Blas P. Arroyo 1978
Mrs. Melissa W. Arroyo 
Mr. R. B. Arthur, Jr. 1959
Ms. Brenda Pippens Asbury 2008
Dr. John H. Askew 1982
Mr. William E. Atherton 2003
Mrs. Amy J. Attaway 2006
Mr. Robert W. Attaway 1980
Mrs. Wendy B. Aull 1999
Mr. Eric L. Austin 2005
Mr. George R. Auten, Jr. 1978
Dr. Grace M. Auten 1978
Mr. Justin J. Autry 2002
Mr. Charles D. Averette 1960
Mrs. Mary B. Averette 
Dr. C. W. Averre, III 1955
Mr. Thomas W. Avery 1975
Mrs. Virginia P. Avery 
Mr. Bill M. Ayers, Jr. 1992
Mrs. Kathryn B. Ayers 1994
Mr. Robert D. Bacon, Jr. 1984
Mr. Steven C. Bacon 1996
Mr. Matthew W. Bagley 1998
Dr. Penelope C. Bagley 1998
Mrs. Adrienne J. Bailey 2003
Mr. Lee J. Bailey, Jr. 1975
Dr. Mack W. Bailey 1968
Mr. Max P. Bailey 2003
Mr. T. Ed Bailey 1965
Mrs. Alicia R. Baker 2001
Mrs. Amy W. Baker 
Mr. Evan Wayne Baker III 2006
Mr. James W. Baker 1965
Mr. Jeremy Lee Baker 
Mrs. Margaret C. Baker 
Dr. Marty A. Baker 1988
Mr. Robert B. Baker 1990
Mr. Manuel Luis Balbuena 2010
Mr. Bruce R. Baldwin 1992
Mrs. Jill A. Baldwin 
Mrs. Astra R. Ball 2003
Mr. Forrest H. Ball 
Dr. Kenneth R. Ball 2007
Mr. Thomas N. Ball 1983
Mrs. Carol Y. Ballard 
Dr. Lewis F. Ballard 1958
Dr. Cynthia A. Ballenger 1990
Mrs. Angela Banask 1988
Mr. James B. Banask 
Mr. Mark E. Banks 2006
Dr. Stacy E. Banks 2002
Mr. William A. Banks, Jr. 2003
Ms. Ann H. Banzet 1992
Mr. Joseph W. Barbee Jr. 
Mr. Dick Barber 1972
Mrs. Emily A. Barbour 1999
Ms. Kaitlyn B. Barbour 2016
Mr. Cole S. Barclay 2016
Mrs. Elizabeth Mason Barger 1991
Mr. Kelly R. Barger 1991
Mr. Kenneth L. Barham, Jr. 2006
Dr. Matthew D. Barker 1997
Mr. Arthur F. Barnes 1986
Mr. Carl Barnes 2011
Mr. Donald J. Barnes 1995
Mrs. Ashley S. Barnes 1995
Mr. John L. Barnes 1949
Mr. Russell L. Barnes 1983
Ms. Sheila A. Barnes 1975
Dr. Suzanne M. Barnes 1989
Mrs. Harriet B. Barnhardt 
Dr. Robert A. Barnhardt 
Mrs. Shirley S. Barnhardt 
Mr. William M. Barnhardt 1950
Mrs. JoAnn E. Barnhill 1990
Mrs. Mary A. Barnhill 
Mr. R. Kelly Barnhill 1964
Mr. R. Kelly Barnhill, Jr. 1989
Mr. R. Wilson Barr, Jr. 1962
Mr. Charles G. Barrett 2007
Mrs. Kim Barrett 2008
Mr. John M. Barrie 1976
Mr. Robert S. Bartlett 1989
Dr. C. Lennie Barton 1977
Mrs. Jessica R. Barton 1992
Mr. L. Allen Barwick, Jr. 1971
Mr. James R. Basinger 1999
Mr. Jimmy F. Bass 1978
Mrs. Sarah R. Bass 
Dr. Alan D. Batchelor 1985
Ms. Camryn Margaret Batchelor 2012
Ms. Kaitlyn E. Batchelor 2010
Mrs. Lynette M. Batchelor 1996
Mrs. Ashley M. Bateman 1998
Mr. Edwin N. Bateman 1998
Mrs. April D. Bauer 2006
Mrs. Annette C. Beach 1989
Dr. Elsworth D. Beach 1990
Dr. William C. Beal 1998
Mr. L. T. Beale, Jr. 2001
Mrs. Wendi Beale 2000
Mr. George Brooks Beam 1977
Mr. J. David Beam, III 1972
Mr. David A. Bean 1971
Mr. Richard F. Bean 1949
Dr. Adam W. Beard 2008
Mr. McDaniel L. Beard 1970
Mr. Michael W. Beasley 1981
Mr. Robert E. Beasley Sr. 1959
Mr. David D. Beatty 1990
Mrs. Barbara M. Beaver 
Ms. Daphne E. Beck 1991
Mr. Burton F. Beers, Jr. 1992
Dr. Barry H. Beith 1988
Ms. Jan E. Beiting 1993
Mr. Allen F. Bell, Sr. 1982
Mr. Thomas J. Bell 2002
Mrs. LaChauna S. Belvin 2000
Mr. Marcus L. Belvin 2001
Mrs. Autumne V. Bennett 2002
Mr. Gary A. Bennett 2000
Mr. Bryan J. Benton 1977
Ms. Elisa V. Benton 
Captain Eric L. Bentz, USAF 2005
Ms. Corinne Berezuk 
Mr. Jaymin T. Berg 2002
Mr. Donald P. Bernheisel 1967
Mrs. Donna P. Bernheisel 
Mr. Arvin Berrios 
Mr. Roger Berry II 1980
Mr. Joseph G. Berry 1960
Dr. Meredith B. Berry 2001
Dr. Claudia K. Berryhill 1972
Dr. Frederick H. Bertram 1980
Mr. Douglas R. Best 1973
Mr. M. Jack Best 
Mr. Charles B. Bettini 1999
Mr. John R. Bezold 1994
Mr. Ashok S. Bhatnagar 1979
Mrs. Donna M. Bhatnagar 1980
Mr. Steven Jay Binder 1982
Dr. M. Daniel Bingham 1986
Mr. David G. Bissette 1956
Mrs. Mavis G. Bissette 
Mr. Richard B. Biziak 1981
Mrs. Alexandria R. Black 2011
Mrs. Carol S. Black 
Mr. Jeremy W. Black 2006
Mr. Joseph S. Black 1969
Mrs. Kathy C. Black 
Mrs. Lee W. Black 
Mr. Robert E. Black, Jr. 1952
Mr. Roger R. Black 1978
Mr. Wm. James Black, Jr. 1979
Ms. Jennifer J. Blackburn 2013
Mr. D. Anthony Blackman 1977
Mr. Albert M. Blackmon, Jr. 2008
Mrs. Rachel B. Blackmon 2008
Mr. Fred D. Blackwelder 1971
Mrs. Jeannie P. Blackwelder 1972
Mr. Andrew W. Blair 2000
Mrs. Sarah C. Blair 2000
Dr. Bonita L. Blake 1985
Mr. Bryan F. Blake 1979
Mrs. Jennifer V. Blake 
Mrs. Peaches G. Blank 1973
Ms. Caroline Wilson Blanton 2010
Lieutenant Benjamin R. Blevins, USN 2003
Mr. Jake Ryan Bloodworth 2010
Mrs. Kylee P. Bloodworth 2010
Mrs. Kimberly B. Bloomfield 2002
Dr. Richard A. Bloomfield, Jr. 2004
Mr. R. Andrew Blythe 2001
Mr. Justin K. Bodenhamer 2011
Mr. Jason M. Bodenheimer 2003
Mr. Gary N. Boettcher 1993
Ms. Michelle Ashley Boettiger 2011
Mr. Mark M. Boggs 1972
Mr. Phillip B. Bollinger 1989
Mrs. Heather H. Bonavita 
Mr. Paul F. Bonavita 1993
Mr. James R. Bond 1984
Mrs. Kathy A. Bond 
Mr. Richard R. Bond 1981
Mrs. Genia Tyson Bone 
Ms. Diane E. Boone 1978
Dr. John B. Boone 1985
Mrs. Sonya W. Boone 
Mr. Wayne R. Booth 1972
Dr. Jerry A. Boothe, Jr. 2004
Dr. Katie Borders 2004
Mr. Michael R. Boroughs 1973
Lieutenant Nathaniel A. Bosiak, USN 2005
Mr. Nicholas S. Bosiak 2005
Mr. Bandy K. Bost 1997
Mr. Deric J. Boston 
Mrs. Glenna E. Boston 2008
Mr. Sherwood K. Boswell Jr. 2002
Ms. Whitney H. Wilson-Botts 2004
Mr. Graham D. Bowers 2016
Ms. Megan E. Bowles 2004
Mr. Bret C. Bowman 1999
Mr. Gregory A. Bowman 1987
Mrs. Carole S. Boyd 
Mr. C. Wayne Boyd 1976
Mr. Andy Boyd 1967
Mr. Levi L. Boyd 2005
Ms. Sage Ashley Boyd 2010
Mrs. Joy J. Boyden 1966
Mr. David M. Boyette, Sr. 1974
Mr. David M. Boyette, Jr. 2002
Mr. Frank B. Boyette 1955
Mrs. Susan G. Boyette 
Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Boykin 1995
Mrs. Karen D. Boyle 2004
Mr. Walter R. Boyle 2002
Mr. Wortham W. D. Boyle 2003
Mr. Philip P. Boyne 2009
Mrs. Melissa Boyte 
Dr. Timothy N. Boyte 1991
Ms. Mary Clare S. Bracey 2008
Mrs. Lee H. Bradley 
Mr. Robert O. Bradley, IV 2009
Mr. Daniel A. Bradshaw 1993
Mr. Byron E. Brady 1985
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Brady 
Mr. John B. Brady 1953
Mr. Joseph D. Brady 1996
Mr. William T. Brady 1966
Mrs. Anne Margaret Braham 1991
Dr. Richard R. Braham 1982
Mrs. Janice E. Brandenburg 
Dr. Rick L. Brandenburg 1981
Mr. Charles E. Branscomb 1949
Mr. John C. Brantley, III 1964
Mrs. Marilyn M. Brantley 
Mrs. Mary C. Brantley 
Mr. Bob R. Brantley, Jr. 1966
Mr. Randy Brecheisen 1973
Mr. Christopher Brenton 2012
Mr. Thomas F. Bridgers Jr. 1967
Mr. John V. Briel, Sr. 1970
Mr. Douglas M. Brinkley 1974
Mr. Sherrill K. Brinkley 1958
Mr. Eric C. Brinsfield 1980
Mr. Jacob A. Brintle 
Mrs. Jessica S. Brintle 2011
Mr. Christopher Parks Britt 2006
Mrs. Hannah L. Britt 
Mrs. Meghan D. Britt 
Mrs. Nancy V. Britt 
Mr. Sydney P. Britt 1959
Mr. R. W. Brittain 1953
Dr. Theodore G. Brna 1970
Mr. Dohn B. Broadwell, Jr. 1985
Mrs. Sherri B. Broadwell 1988
Commander John A. Brockwell, Sr., USN, Ret. 1957
Mrs. Myrna M. Brockwell 
Mr. Adam P. Brogden 2015
Mrs. Beth Brooks 2007
Mr. Lonnie I. Brooks 1984
Mr. Oliver Brooks 2007
Mr. Randolph D. Broome 1971
Mr. B. Dean Brown 1966
Lieutenant Colonel Bruce T. Brown, USA, Retired 1975
Mr. Christopher J. Brown 1996
Mr. Douglas J. Brown 1971
Mrs. Victoria L. Brown 1986
Mr. Jeremy R. Brown 2006
Mrs. Kathy Brown 1983
Mrs. Kristen C. Brown 2006
Mr. Ralph C. Brown, Sr. 1955
Mr. Robert C. Brown 
Mr. Ron Brown 1974
Mr. Tony M. Brown 1983
Mrs. Wanda J. Brown 
Ms. Yolanda D. Brown 1998
Mr. Robert S. Browne 1982
Ms. Caroline T. Browning 2016
Mr. Michael S. Browning 1999
The Honorable Harold J. Brubaker 1971
Mr. Jeffrey S. Brumbaugh 2006
Mrs. Sara P. Brumbaugh 
Ms. Elizabeth L. Bruner 2011
Mr. Fred C. Brunk, Jr. 1962
Major General James D. Bryan, USA, Ret. 1975
Mr. Steven A. Bryan 1971
Dr. Tomi W. Bryan 1986
Mr. Steve Bryant 
Mrs. Suzanne M. Bryant 
Mrs. Yolanda Brown Bryant 1994
Ms. Betsy Buchanan 1982
Mr. Harold W. Buchanan 1957
Mrs. Rachel Buchanan 
Mr. Corbett G. Buckle Jr. 1977
Dr. S. Joseph Buff 1974
Mrs. Patricia M. Bugg 1979
Mr. William S. Bugg, Jr. 1976
Mr. Adam W. Bull 1989
Dr. Susan K. Bull 1989
Mr. C. Michael Bullard 1984
Dr. Lisa G. Bullard 1986
Mr. Neal G. Bullins 2004
Mrs. Lisa L. Bullock 
Mr. William N. Bullock 1974
Ms. Rebecca S. Bumgardner 1982
Mr. William D. Bunce, II 1986
Mr. Jason A. Burkhart 2009
Mrs. Jenny W. Burkhart 2010
Mr. Martin A. Burkhart 1985
Mr. Johnny D. Burleson, II 1995
Mr. Brian M. Buroker 1992
Mr. Patrick J. Burt 2001
Mrs. Jane Burton 
Mr. Jason P. Burton 1998
Mr. Paul G. Burton 1961
Mrs. Mary H. Burwell 
Mr. Venable B. Burwell 1961
Mr. Andrew A. Butler 1992
Mrs. Jacquelyn Butler 
Mr. Keith B. Butler 1972
Mr. Will Butler 2005
Dr. Nathan Butterworth 2000
Mrs. Linlee A. Butterworth 
Dr. Grant Buttram 1993
Mrs. Ashley M. Byrd 1973
Mrs. Carol C. Byrd 1994
Dr. Christopher S. Byrd 1995
Dr. J. William Byrd 1959
Mr. Jerry E. Byrd 1989
Mrs. Kelley B. Byrd 
Mr. Richard E. Byrd, Jr. 1965
Dr. Samuel M. Byrd 1972
Mr. Steven H. Byrd 1981
Mrs. Victoria R. Byrd 
Mr. Michael C. Byrne 1991
Mr. Thomas E. Cabaniss 1972
Mr. Robert L. Cagle, IV 2009
Ms. Marcy Diane Caines 2008
Ms. Rebecca B. Caison 1973
Mr. Andrew M. Cal 2013
Mrs. Creswell W. Calabrese 1989
Mr. Matthew J. Calderone 2004
Major Steven M. Callis, USA, Retired 1993
Mr. Thomas D. Calloway Jr 1970
Mr. Timothy D. Calnon 1968
Mrs. Ann T. Campbell 1980
Mr. D. McQueen Campbell, III 1993
Dr. Donald F. Campbell 1969
Ms. Mary Pat Campbell 1996
Dr. Nigel B. Campbell 2003
Mrs. Norma E. Campbell 
Mr. Roy H. Campbell, Jr. 1959
Mr. Wesley S. Campbell 1998
Mr. William R. Campbell, Jr. 1973
Mrs. Kelley D. Canter 
Mr. Kenneth L. Canter 1980
Mr. Ken Canter 1964
Ms. Alycia Marie Cantley 2007
Mr. Theodore A. Capossela 1977
Mr. Alexander Jacob Capps 2013
Mr. John C. Caran 1997
Ms. Evonne D. Carawan 1986
Mr. Scott Carden 1999
Dr. Cheryl L. Carlson 1995
Mr. Andrew J. Carmen 2012
Mr. Andy Carmen 1979
Mrs. Natalie B. Carmen 2010
Dr. Keith J. Carnes 1982
Mrs. Katherine B. Carpenter 1976
Mr. Millard N. Carpenter, III 1971
Mr. J. Devin Carroll 1995
Mrs. Melissa R. Carroll 1996
Mr. Terry S. Carroll 1975
Mr. Brian D. Carter 2011
Mr. Chris D. Carter 1997
Ms. Dora Ann Carter 2010
Dr. Anne M. Casper 
Dr. Christian F. Casper 2009
Mrs. Christine A. Castelloe 1998
Mr. Charles W. Cato 1993
Mrs. Heather P. Cato 1993
Rear Admiral Daryl L. Caudle, USN 1985
Mr. James R. Cauley, Jr. 1998
Mr. Mitch Caviness 
Dr. Laura E. Caviness 2004
Mrs. Toni Caviness 
Mr. Kevin L. Cecil 1995
Dr. Tina Marie Cecil 1993
Mrs. Carmen M. Cestaro 2009
Mr. Tony Chambers 1986
Mr. Rodney M. Chambers 1992
Mrs. Amy G. Chandler 1984
Mr. Robert B. Chandler 1985
Dr. Ruey-Er Chang 1982
Dr. Diane D. Chapman 2000
Mrs. Elsbeth J. Chapman 1989
Mark Chapman 1987
Mr. Aaron D. Chappell 2004
Ms. Yvonne D. Chazal 2016
Mr. Andrew D. Cherry 2008
Mr. Michael S. Cheves 2007
Mr. Kurt Chewning 
Mrs. Laura C. Chewning 2003
Mrs. Jane A. Chiles 1979
Mrs. Nancy Chiles 
Mr. Robert M. Chiles 1960
Mr. W. Stephen Chiles 1977
Ms. Jennifer Brown-Chin 2002
Mr. Justin Chin 2002
Dr. Karen E. Chiswell 2007
Dr. Brian N. Chorley 1998
Mr. Gerald L. Chrisco 1979
Mr. Thomas Christenberry, III 1983
Dr. Ming Chu 1965
Mr. Allen L. Clapp 1967
Mr. Adam D. Clark 2001
Mr. Alan H. Clark 1986
Mrs. Christina B. Clark 1995
Mr. Daniel M. Clark 1996
Mr. Haddon Manly Clark, IV 2009
Mr. Jimmy D. Clark 1974
Dr. Kevin A. Clark 1989
Mr. Lynn T. Clark 2012
Mr. Philip Raymond Clark 2011
Mrs. Vickie W. Clark 
Mr. Walter F. Clark 
Mr. John H. Clarke, Jr. 1975
Mr. Michael W. Clary 1969
Mr. Patrick J. Cleary 2006
Mrs. Gaye Clifton 
Mr. Ken Clifton 1978
Mr. Chris D. Cline 1986
Mr. David E. Cline 1970
Mrs. Dianne Clinton 1983
Dr. Paul H. Cloninger 1994
Mr. Derick S. Close 1982
Mrs. Sallie P. Close 
Ms. Lindsay A. Clouse 2016
Ms. Briana Clyne 2011
Mrs. Anne F. Coan 1977
Mr. Kenneth W. Cobb 1983
Mr. R. Gerald Cody 1978
Mrs. Barbara W. Cogburn 1970
Dr. Kerry P. Cogburn 1970
Mrs. Eunice Colclough 
Mr. James D. Cole 2005
Mrs. Shelby R. Cole 2007
Mr. Johnny W. Coley 1993
Mr. Jerry J. Collier 1967
Mrs. Patricia Collier 
Mrs. Ann T. Collins 
Mrs. Tori M. Collins 1989
Mr. W. Kerr Collins, Jr. 1989
Dr. William K. Collins, Sr. 1954
Mr. John T. Collinson 1991
Dr. Maryanne M. Collinson 1992
Mr. Robert A. Combs Jr 
Mr. Adam G. Compton 2009
Mr. John R. Concklin 1968
Mrs. Lori F. Constantino 1984
Mr. Michael T. Constantino 1984
Mr. Eric F. Cook 2012
Mrs. Gail Cook 
Dr. John R. Cook 1989
Mr. Joseph H. Cook, Jr. 1976
Dr. Karen D. Cook 1983
Mrs. Laura F. Cook 
Ms. Lisa M. Cook 2013
Mr. Philip B. Cook 1983
Mr. Tyler L. Cook 2010
Mr. Barry J. Cooper 1997
Mrs. Jennifer T. Cooper 1998
Mr. Victor J. Coppola 1986
Mr. William A. Coppridge 2000
Mr. Brendan V. Corbett 2011
Mr. Chris Corchiani 1991
Mrs. Stewart H. Corchiani 1991
Mr. Chris Corn 1993
Mrs. Mary J. Corn 1976
Mrs. Melissa M. Corn 1993
Mr. Michael R. Corn 1974
Mrs. Karin G. Cornelson 1982
Mr. Martin S. Cornelson 1983
Mr. James S. Cornwell, Jr. 2007
Dr. Deborah D. Corpuz 2002
Mr. Eric L. Corpuz 2001
Mr. Michael C. Corry 1998
Mr. Gus G. Cortesis 1983
Mrs. Caroline Cote 1996
Mrs. Darlene Cotten 
Mr. Wayne Cotten 1957
Dr. Richard L. Cotton 1972
Dr. Andrew J. Coughlin 2007
Mr. David Coulson 
Mrs. Mary B. Coulson 1977
Dr. James E. Covington 1977
Mr. John M. C. Covington, III 2010
Mrs. Lisa R. Covington 
Mr. David E. Cox 1984
Mr. Jason A. Cox 1999
Mrs. Kristy R. Craig 2011
Mrs. Julia T. Cranford 
Mr. Junie E. B. "J.E.B" Cranford 2002
Ms. Lauren C. Cranford 2006
Dr. Michael W. Creed 1973
Dr. James C. Crew 1961
Dr. Jennie R. Crews 
Ms. Kimberly S. Crews 1988
Mr. Philip A. Crews 1984
Mrs. Donna B. Cribb 
Mr. Luis L. Cribb 1980
Mr. Sherman L. Criner 1988
Mrs. Kelly McSwain Crisp 2006
Mr. Samuel Jesse Crisp 2005
Mr. Andrew M. Crocker 1996
Dr. H. Roy Cromartie, III 1974
Mr. Wiley B. Crook 1958
Mr. J. Brandon Croom 1999
Mr. Marcus B. Crotts, PE 1953
Mrs. Margo Crotts 
Dr. Michael T. Crotty 2001
Mrs. Niamh O. Crotty 2001
Mr. Marion L. Crouch 1973
Mrs. Leslie V. Crow 1997
Mrs. Claire B. Crowson 
Mr. James W. Crowson, ATL 1990
Mr. Randolph R. Croxton 1968
Mrs. Angela S. Crumpler 1976
Mr. Bud Crumpler 
Mrs. Doris T. Culberson 
Mr. S. Frank Culberson 1960
Mr. Jack Cullipher 1964
Mrs. Brenda L. Culpepper 
Mr. William H. Culpepper, Jr. 1966
Mrs. Mary W. Cunningham 
Mr. Thomas G. Cunningham 1971
Mr. Everette B. Curlee 1958
Ms. Erin M. Curran 2011
Mr. John J. Curran 
Mr. Donald J. Curtis 1980
Mrs. Jane C. Curtis 
Mrs. Katherine K. Curtis 1981
Mr. Richard A. Curtis 1972
Mr. Cameron Jay Cuthrell 1985
Mr. Charles K. Cutts, III 1989
Ms. Kimberly A. Cuturilo 2005
Mr. George R. Dail 1965
Mrs. Jacqueline N. Dail 
Mr. James Rollings Dail, II 2008
Mr. J. Darrell Dail 1959
Mrs. Sandra B. Dail 
Dr. Jeffrey M. Dalia 1978
Mrs. Randie S. Dalia 
Mrs. Alexandra L. Dalton 2015
Mr. Jeffrey W. Dalton 2010
Mr. Rufus M. Dalton 1949
Mr. Donald N. Dandliker 1965
Mrs. Christine P. D'Andrea 1991
Mr. Jason D'Andrea 
Mr. Bretton S. Danforth 2011
Mrs. Lindsey N. Danforth 2010
Mr. A. Lynn Daniel 1974
Mrs. Laura Roy Daniel 
Mr. Robert L. Daniel, Jr. 1965
Ms. Conner M. Daniels 2016
Mr. Euran S. Daniels 1999
Mr. M. Barnes Daniels, Jr. 1955
Ms. Charlene Dark 1994
Mrs. Julie A. Daughtry 
Mr. Van Daughtry 1989
Mr. Richard A. Daughtry 1984
Mrs. Sarah C. Davenport 
Mr. S. Lawrence Davenport 1965
Ms. Jeri L. Davidson 1979
Mrs. Laura L. Davidson 1983
Mrs. Miriam P. Davie 1990
Mr. Kevin Davie 1990
Mr. Burton N. Davis 1953
Mr. Christopher D. Davis 2015
Mr. Hobart G. Davis 1964
Mrs. Lora P. Davis 
Mrs. Maureen L. Davis 1993
Dr. Michael A. Davis 1979
Dr. Ronald G. Davis 1984
Mr. Russell Davis 
Mr. Samuel D. Davis 1970
Vincent W. Davis, PE 1994
Mr. Walter G. Davis 1971
Mr. Gary Wayne Day 2008
Mrs. Mary Grace Day 
Ms. Cynthia R. De Haas 1990
Ms. Haley E. de Luca 2009
Mr. Jerry Deakle 1976
Mrs. Betty S. Deal 
Mr. James C. Deal 1955
Ms. Linda S. Deal 1995
Mr. Philip M. Deans 1959
Ms. Dorothy A. deBruyne 1974
Mr. Brantley DeLoatche 1942
Mr. Lenwood E. Dennis 1966
Captain Alexandria J. Des Jardins, USMC 2005
Mr. Lewis J. DeTurk 1970
Mr. Clay H. DeVane 1998
Mrs. Toni H. DeVane 1999
Mr. Adam H. Diaz 1997
Mrs. Sarah A. Diaz 
Mrs. Camilla H. Dick 
Mrs. Mary A. Dickson 
Mrs. Catherine C. Diel 
Mr. William L. Diel 1994
Ms. Ann Margaret Dietrich 2013
Mrs. Mildred C. Dillon 
Mr. Stephen C. Dimpsey 2010
Major Laura K. DiNuzzo, USAF 1996
Mr. Devi D. Dixon 1995
Dr. Karrie G. Dixon 1997
Mr. Virgil R. Dodson 1969
Mr. Doug Doggett 1983
Mr. Eric L. Doggett 1981
Mrs. Jeanette R. Doggett 
Mr. Ron E. Doggett 
Dr. Darrell W. Donahue 1981
Mr. Joe K. Donaldson 1961
Mrs. Patsy A. Donaldson 
Mrs. Mary Jo W. Dorsett 
Mr. Thomas H. Dorsett, Jr. 
Ms. Marcia L. Doubet 1990
Mr. T. Greg Doucette 2009
Mr. Brooks A. Doughtie 2004
Ms. Sarah Doupe 1980
Mrs. Patricia F. Doutriaux 1998
Mr. William H. Dove 1956
Dr. Stephanie L. Dowell 2003
Mrs. Kay C. Dowless 
Mr. V. Gerald Dowless 1957
Mr. John L. Doyle 1979
Captain Brian I. Driggers, USAF 2003
Dr. Maureen S. Droessler 1980
Mr. Navin Mario Dsouza 2012
Mrs. Linda I. DuBois 1997
Mr. Charles W. Duckett 1991
Ms. Claire Tayloe Duff 2011
Mr. Wesley C. Dugan 1994
Mr. Wade M. Duggins 2001
Dr. Charles Dewitt Dulin 2016
Mr. C. Jordan Dulin 1938
Mr. Matthew W. Dunn 1995
Mr. John J. DuPlessis 1958
Mrs. Kitty B. DuPlessis 
Mr. Joshua B. Durham 1994
Mr. James Walter Dutton 1983
Mr. Richard C. Dyer 1989
Ms. Elizabeth A. Eadie 2003
Ms. Chelsey P. Early 2013
Lieutenant Colonel Jimmie R. Eckard, USA, Retired 1956
Mrs. Sarah A. Edge 2008
Mrs. Katy Edmondson 
Mr. Kris G. Edmondson 1994
Mr. David C. Edwards 1993
Ms. Lauren B. Edwards 1999
Mr. Ralph G. Edwards, Jr. 1961
Mrs. Sally Edwards 
Mr. Steve Edwards 1976
Colonel John Maigrit Ellen, USAF, Ret. 1967
Mr. S. James Ellen, Jr. 1959
Mrs. Sharon Ellen 
Mr. Barry T. Ellington 1986
Mrs. Sheri J. Ellington 1988
Major Brandon B. Elliott, USA 2000
Lieutenant Colonel Donnie Ellis, USAF, Ret. 1975
Mr. Jackson R. Ellis 1992
Dr. Mark A. Ellison 2010
Mrs. Martha M. Emrich 1985
Mrs. Christina C. Enfinger 
Mr. David E. Enfinger, II 2002
Ms. Laura English Lewis 2008
Mr. Wesley A. Eppele 2011
Mr. John T. Ernest 1995
Dr. Katyna Borroto-Esoda 1982
Mr. William V. Esoda 1982
Mrs. Kelly S. Eudy 
Mr. Mark A. Eudy 1987
Mr. Lynn W. Eury 1959
Mr. Dennis L. Ewald 1980
Dr. Christine C. Faircloth 1986
Colonel Douglas H. Fairfield, USMC 1986
Mrs. Stephanie A. Farmer 2004
Mr. Brian K. Farris 2001
Mrs. Sonya L. Farris 2003
Mrs. Barbara S. Favruzzo 1976
Mr. Gary T. Fay 1991
Mr. John Robert Fearrington 2012
Dr. Elke Feese 2011
Dr. Reginald Fennell 1980
Mrs. Nancy M. Ferebee 
Mrs. Billie-Jean S. Ferguson 2002
Mr. Bobby V. Ferguson 1970
Mr. E. O. Ferrell, III 1966
Mrs. Paula B. Ferrell 
Ms. Eva M. Feucht 2002
Mr. Joel G. Fidler 1997
Mr. Daniel E. Finch 1997
Captain Wade R. Finch 2005
Mrs. Renee D. Fischer 1995
Deborah K. Fish, PE 2002
Mrs. Heidi Fisher 2002
Mr. Joseph R. Fisher, Jr. 2001
Mr. Robert K. Fisher 1967
Mr. Terry L. Fisher 1973
Mr. Maximillian A. Fitch 2000
Mr. Edward P. Fitts, Jr. 1961
Mr. Kelly P. Fitzgerald 1989
Ms. Margaret Fleming 
Dr. William W. Fleming 1970
Mr. Charles A. Flink, II 1982
Mrs. Marjorie S. Flink 
Ms. Brenda K. Flory 1987
Mrs. Karen A. Floyd 1995
Ms. Erica Julian Flynt 2007
Mr. H. Keith Flynt 1985
Mr. Michael O. Ford 
Mrs. Sandra G. Ford 1985
Mr. Ivan A. Forehand 1982
Mrs. Lisa G. Forehand 
Mr. Eric V. Formo 2005
Mrs. Heidi M. Fornes 1994
Dr. William L. Fornes 1993
Mrs. Beverly M. Foster 
Mr. J. Thomas Foster, Jr. 1972
Mr. Kendall T. Foster 2007
Mr. Bruce K. Foulke 1975
Mrs. Barbara Foulkrod 
Mr. Allin Foulkrod 1992
Mr. Curtis D. Fountain 1983
Mr. Myron O. Fountain 1978
Mr. Vinton E. Fountain, III 1983
Mr. David A. Fox 1994
Mr. Henry T. Foxx 1986
Mr. Charles A. Foy, Jr. 2016
Major Edward T. Francis, USAF 2004
Mr. Larry S. Francis 1972
Ms. Stephanie K. Francis 1997
Mrs. Stephanie S. Francis 2003
Mr. Dick Franklin 1971
Mrs. Wanda B. Franklin 
Mr. Dee A. Freeman 1973
Mr. Jef Freeman 1974
Ms. Karen Freeman 1975
Dr. Richard M. Freeman 1963
Mrs. Marcia B. Frelke 1994
Mrs. Donna M. French 1968
Dr. Rick French, Jr. 1968
Mrs. Lisa M. Frucht 1993
Mr. David L. Fu 1989
Mr. Tommy Fulcher 1981
Mr. Thomas R. Fulghum 1959
Mrs. Kimberly S. Fullenwider 
Mr. W. Gregory Fullenwider 1990
Mr. Randy Eugene Furr 1989
Dr. Garland W. Fussell 1997
Mr. James G. Futrell 1962
Ms. Greta Gadson 1989
Mr. Daniel J. Gaeckle 2009
Mrs. Jonna B. Gage 2014
Mr. R. Alec Gaines 2006
Mr. Jordan Scott Galatioto 2010
Mr. Richard J. Galler 1989
Mr. Allen Gant, Jr. 
Mr. Allen E. Gant, III 2008
Mrs. Beverly J. Gant 
Mrs. Denise C. Gant 
Mr. John Q. Gant 1988
Mr. Barry W. Gardner 1975
Mr. Bernard W. Gardner Jr 2002
Mr. Lyle D. Gardner 1967
Dr. Nora Ann Gardner 1994
Mrs. Pamela H. Gardner 
Mrs. Rhonda M. Gardner 
Mrs. Martha M. Garmon 
Mr. John D. Garner 2003
Dr. Leland E. Garrett, Jr. 1971
Mr. Ryan G. Garrett 2001
Ms. Caitlin Garrison 2009
Mr. Johnny S. Gaskins 1970
Mr. James R. Gassen, Jr. 1979
Dr. John C. Gatlin 1985
Dr. LuAnne V. Gatlin 
Ms. Anne Ferebee-Gavaghan 
Mr. J. Patrick Gavaghan, III 1967
Mr. Charles P. Gaylor, IV 2007
Mr. Joseph G. Gentry 1973
Mrs. Kathy E. Gentry 1974
Mr. Samuel Hamlin Gentry 2007
Mrs. Angela M. George 
Mr. Nathan D. George 2002
Mr. Richard J. Gerdts II 2000
Ms. Leslie J. Geurin 2003
Mr. Clinton B. Gharis 
Dr. Laurie W. Gharis 2002
Mr. Jason S. Giaquinto 2006
Mrs. Betty K. Gibbs 
Mr. George S. Gibbs III 1957
Dr. Gail S. Gibson 
Dr. Peter M. Gibson 1961
Mr. Thurman Clark Gibson 1978
Mr. Sean R. Gildea 2002
Mrs. Allison Gillies 
Mr. Brett G. Gillies 2007
Mrs. Barbara A. Gilligan 2002
Mr. Daniel Gilligan 2003
Dr. John G. Gilligan 
Mr. Skip Gilliland 1978
Mrs. Susan F. Gilliland 
Lieutenant General Buster C. Glosson, USAF, Retired 1965
Mr. Jeffrey A. Gluck 2007
Mrs. Barbara B. Godwin 1985
Mr. David L. Godwin 1987
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Godwin 1979
Mr. Jerry H. Godwin 1967
Major Kenneth M. Godwin, Jr., USA 1991
Mr. Mel B. Godwin 1979
Dr. Meredith Godwin, MD 2000
Mrs. Robin Godwin 
Mr. Stanley B. Goldberg 1961
Mr. Roger G. Gonzalez 1992
Mr. Charles L. Goode 1977
Dr. Ellen B. Goode 1980
Dr. Larry R. Goode 1975
Mrs. Donna L. Goodfred 1987
Mr. Jeffrey V. Goodman 1965
Mr. Michael A. Goodman 1963
Mrs. Ann B. Goodnight 1968
Dr. James H. Goodnight 1965
Mr. Henry Goodrich 1987
Mr. David T. Goodson 1985
Ms. Jennifer Goodson 2010
Mrs. Kathryn B. Goodson 
Mrs. Paula Goodson 
Mrs. Robin Goodson 1988
Mr. Tony E. Goodson 1981
Mr. Andrew H. Goodwin 2015
Ms. Bonnie L. Goodwin 1989
Mrs. Dorothy L. Goodwin 
Mrs. Andrea B. Goolsby 2003
Mr. Corey R. Goolsby 2003
Mrs. Deborah K. Gordon 1981
Dr. Joseph K. Gordon 1982
Mrs. Margaret R. Gordon 
Mr. Ralph F. Gordon Jr. 1972
Mr. Ross L. Gordon 1966
Mrs. Suzanne S. Gordon 1975
Ms. Stephanie L. Goss 2008
Mr. Charles E. Graham, Jr. 1972
Mrs. Faye L. Graham 
Dr. Troy E. Graham 1997
Mr. H. Frank Grainger 
Mrs. Judith K. Grainger 1972
Ms. Michelle L. Grainger 1998
Mr. Raul J. Grave de Peralta 1977
Mr. H. Carlyle Gravely III 1970
Mr. David E. Graves 1992
Mrs. Christi Wyant Gray 1984
Mr. James W. Gray 1981
Mrs. Janet S. Gray 
Mr. Jasper L. Gray 1958
Mr. John R. Gray 1969
Mrs. Libby C. Gray 
Mr. Robert C. Gray, II 1975
Mr. Kevin R. Grayson 1983
Mr. Jeffrey S. Greaser 
Mrs. Sally Greaser 1978
Mrs. Lora A. Greco 2005
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Green, II 
Mr. Scott Green 
Mr. E. Leo Green, III 1992
Mr. Eldon L. Green, Jr. 1962
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Green, II 1989
Mr. Thomas A. Green, Jr. 2003
Mrs. Cessily Y. Greene 2001
Mr. William G. Greenlee 1941
Mrs. Paula B. Greenspon 1993
Ms. Alison Greenwood 
Mrs. Constance W. Gregg 
Dr. Laura L. Grier 1991
Mr. Benjamin R. Griffin 2004
Mrs. Courtenay G. Griffin 
Mr. D. Lee Griffin 1981
Mr. E. Shelton Griffin 1970
Mr. H. Charles Griffin 1977
Mr. Jason S. Griffin 2001
Mr. Randy F. Griffin 1976
Mr. James R. Griffith 1991
Mr. Samuel D. Griggs 1998
Dr. Jason Andrew Grissom 2001
Mr. Craig H. Groce 1972
Mr. Matthew L. Gross 2004
Mr. Andy Grubbs 1979
Mrs. Gayenell C. Gull 1978
Mr. Timothy J. Gull 1978
Mr. Daniel C. Gunter, III 2000
Mrs. DeNorma Gunter 
Mrs. Lindsay Beth Gunter 
Dr. Bhupender S. Gupta 
Dr. Vasudha G. Gupta 1974
Ms. Kathryn M. Gurganus 2016
Mr. James C. Gurley, Sr. 1970
Dr. Gabriele Gusmini 2003
Mr. Douglas B. Guthrie 1986
Mrs. Constance G. Hackney 
Mr. James A. Hackney, III 1961
Mrs. Donna F. Haddock 
Mr. Tommy L. Haddock 1973
Mr. T. Mark Hadley Jr. 1990
Mr. David B. Hagan 1984
Ms. Mary C. Hale 2013
Mrs. Carol E. Hall 
Mr. Jason W. Hall 2000
Mrs. Julie R. G. Hall 2003
Dr. Kristin E. Hall 2004
Dr. Michael L. Hall 1983
Mr. C. Wells Hall, III 1970
Mr. W. Leslie Hall Jr. 1970
Mr. Nicholas L. Haltom 2000
Mr. James R. Ham 1982
Dr. Michael S. Hamby 1969
Ms. Betse K. Hamilton 1972
Mr. Bruce A. Hamlett 1983
Mrs. Lisa Hamlett 
Mr. Jack A. Hammond, II 1987
Mrs. Teresa H. Hammond 
Dr. M. Gail Hamner 
Mr. John V. Hankins 1986
Mrs. Robin H. Hankins 1987
Susan S. Hanson 1984
Colonel James M. Hardaway, USA 1994
Mrs. Jerilyn H. Hardaway 1990
Ms. Laura E. Hardesty 2013
Mrs. Sheri H. Hardy 
Mr. William T. Hardy 1990
Mr. Gregory J. Harman 1992
Dr. Anthony R. Harrington 2000
Mrs. Frances B. Harrington 
Mr. Richard C. Harrington 1977
Mr. David H. Harris, Sr. 1982
Mr. Gary E. Harris 1970
Mrs. Jane M. Harris 
Mr. Kevin N. Harris 2007
Mrs. Paige A. Harris 
Mr. Scott S. Harris 1994
Mrs. Susan S. Harris 1984
Ms. Virginia C. Harris 1997
Mr. Wayne T. Harris 1973
Mr. Benjamin R. Harrison 2005
Ms. Deborah Y. Harrison 1987
Mr. Michael H. Harrison 1970
Mrs. Alice J. Harrod 
Mr. Keith R. Harrod 1960
Ms. Kathy Hart 
Mrs. Hayley J. Harwell 2004
Mr. Scott R. Harwell 2004
Mrs. Melissa A. Cox 1998
Mr. Chandler W. Hatchell 2013
Mrs. Rachel M. Hatchell 2013
Ms. Nicole M. Hatjioannou 2013
Mr. G. Wes Hatley 1989
Mrs. Marsha D. Hatley 
Mr. Jon M. Hausch 1988
Mrs. Barbara B. Hawkins 
Dr. Gerald G. Hawkins 1957
Major Ted J. Hawkins, USMC 1991
Mr. Dale Hayes 1978
Mr. Jonathan B. Hayes 1986
Mr. Michael E. Hayes 1987
Dr. Richard Y. Hayes 1990
Mr. Tim Haynes 1978
Mr. Joseph H. Haynes 1956
Mr. Robert S. Hayter 1983
Dr. Sarah Smith Heckman 2004
Mr. Walter Heckman, IV 2004
Dr. Gregory K. Hedrick 1974
Mrs. June W. Hege 
Mr. Robert Hege, III 1965
Mr. John R. Helderman 1994
Mr. Adam W. Helsel 2006
Mr. Brian Z. Helsel 2001
Mrs. Kate I. Helsel 
Mr. Earl Stanley Hemphill 1976
Ms. Jenna Henderson 2011
Dr. Katelyn J. Henderson 2009
Mr. William J. Henderson 1982
Mrs. Eileen M. Hendren 2006
Mr. Tom Hendrickson 1979
Mr. William S. Henry 1981
Mr. Michael J. Hensley 1995
Mr. James B. Herring 1996
Mrs. Lisa L. Herring 
Mr. James E. Herrington 1973
Mrs. Rosalie P. Hersh 
Dr. Solomon P. Hersh 1949
Mr. Kent B. Hester 1990
Mrs. Korrie G. Hester 1999
Mr. Lee Hester 1979
Commander C. Davis Hewett, USN, Retired 1972
Mr. Douglas J. Hewett 1994
Mrs. Millie Lyman Hewett 
Mr. James A. Hickman 1984
Dr. Christinia B. Hicks 2005
Mr. Gary A. Hicks 1976
Ms. Princess Hicks 1998
Mr. Brian P. Higgins 1999
Mrs. Robin N. Higgins 
Mrs. Jennifer M. High 2004
Mr. Raymond V. High 2003
Mr. David A. Hill 1986
Mrs. Dorothy M. Hill 
Dr. Keith D. Hill 2003
Mr. Mark A. Hill 2000
Mr. William C. Hill 1961
Mrs. Carolyn Hilton 
Mr. Thomas B. Hilton 1969
Ms. Becky L. Hines 2002
Mr. Joseph C. Hines 1991
Mr. Thomas B. Hines 1963
Mrs. Susan Fleetwood Hinkle 1993
Mr. Skip Hinshaw 1989
Mr. Doug A. Hinshaw 1997
Mr. Nathaniel L. Hitchings 2012
Dr. Jason G. Ho 2001
Mrs. Melissa H. Ho 2001
Mrs. Patricia E. Hobbs 
Mr. William A. Hobbs 1977
Mrs. Miriam A. Hobgood 
Dr. Thomas N. Hobgood, Jr. 1949
Mr. David H. Hobson 1992
Mrs. Jana Hobson 
Dr. Paul J. Hochgesang 1989
Mr. Edward K. Hodges 1984
Ms. Carla E. Hoell 2008
Mr. Christopher J. Hoenig 2007
Mr. David A. Hoffman 2009
Mr. Louis B. Hoffman, Jr. 1980
Mr. Michael W. Hoggard 1976
Mr. D. A. Holbrook, II 1982
Professor Timothy R. Holbrook 1993
Mrs. Susan P. Hollan 1988
Mrs. Marie E. Holland 2004
Mr. Adrian L. Holley 1997
Mrs. Reba M. Holley 1996
Mr. William E. Holman 1978
Mr. Craig J. Holmberg 2001
Mrs. Christine M. Holmes 1988
Mr. Irwin R. Holmes, Jr. 1960
Mrs. Meredythe Holmes 
Mr. Keith Holt 1983
Mr. David S. Holt 1980
Mr. William J. Holt 1996
Mr. Kenneth B. Hon 1970
Mrs. Man-Shun W. Hon 
Mr. Roger B. Honbarrier 1980
Mr. Jason M. Honeycutt 1999
Mr. Zeke Honeycutt 2004
Mrs. Laura Honeycutt 
Mrs. Mary K. Honeycutt 
Mr. Edward E. Hood, Jr. 1952
Mrs. Kay T. Hood 
Mrs. Rachel Jackson Hopkins 
Mrs. Terri R. Hopkins 1985
Mr. William E. Hopkins, Jr. 1988
Mr. Jason D. Horne 1996
Dr. Lillian R. Horne 1979
Mrs. Lauren P. Horner 2005
Commander Thomas R. Horton 1965
Mr. Daniel J. Houck, Jr. 2000
Mrs. Diane J. Houlihan 1975
Dr. Tom Houlihan 1975
Mrs. Kathryn F. House 
Mr. E. Mitchell House, Jr. 1972
Mrs. Tara L. Houser 1999
Ms. Lillian Alice Houston 2011
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas W. Houston II, USAF 1981
Mr. Alton E. Howard 
Mrs. Ashley Matthews Howard 1990
Mr. Dennis G. Howard 1967
Mr. Jerald D. Howard 1999
Mr. Joel C. Howard 2000
Mrs. Ramona W. Howard 1985
Mr. Timothy P. Howard 1987
Mr. Kevin V. Howell 2003
Mrs. Kristen J. Howell 2002
Mr. Leslie D. Howell, Jr. 1995
Mr. T. Hunter Howell 2013
Kathy Hoxsie 1988
Dr. Robert M. Hoyle 1984
Dr. Shian-Shyong Hsiao 1986
Mrs. Jackie Hubbard 
Mr. Robert L. Hubbard 1957
Mr. Robert P. Huber, USA 1993
Mr. Christopher T. Hudgin 1995
Mr. Dewey Hudson, Jr. 1974
Mrs. Kathy T. Hudson 1985
Lieutenant Colonel Keith L. Hudson, USAF 1985
Mr. Kendal R. Hudson 2013
Mr. Ned Y. Hudson 1960
Mrs. Nell Hudson 
Mrs. Shannon E. Huether 2009
Mrs. Gail B. Huggins 
Mr. Kenneth L. Huggins 1964
Mrs. Anita Long Hughes 1989
Mr. Jerome Hughes 1995
Mrs. Linda H. Hughes 1993
Mr. Thomas J. Hughes 1993
Mr. Wells Chadwick Hull 2007
Mr. Christopher M. Humphrey 1993
Mrs. Kimberly L. Humphrey 1993
Mrs. Angela C. Hunnicutt 1992
Mr. Don E. Hunnicutt 1991
Mrs. Carolyn L. Hunt 
Mr. Ernest C. Hunt, Jr. 1949
The Honorable James B. Hunt, Jr. 1959
Mrs. Frances S. Hunter 2010
Professor J. Stuart Hunter 1947
Mrs. Marilyn Hunter 
Mr. Matthew Reaves Hunter 2008
Dr. R. Merrill Hunter 1974
Dr. Steven W. Hunter 1988
Mr. John E. Huss 1968
Mr. H. Terry Hutchens 1972
Mrs. Rosalind G. Hutchens 1972
Mrs. Deborah C. Hutcherson 
Mr. Rodney N. Hutcherson 1982
Mr. George B. Hyler, Jr. 1970
Mrs. Theresa W. Hyler 
Mr. Coy J. Idol 2012
Mr. Scott D. Ingold 1996
Mr. Daniel S. Ingram 1994
Ms. Nelwyn W. Inman 1980
Dr. Megan S. Inskeep 2006
Mr. Claude R. Ipock 1995
Mrs. Gayle H. Ipock 1995
Mr. Lee R. Irvin, Sr. 1990
Mr. L. Randolph Isley 1962
Mrs. Linda W. Isley 
Ms. Sharon L. Isley 2001
Mrs. Beth P. Israelnaim 1996
Mr. Morris Israelnaim 1980
Mrs. Carolyn L. Jackson 
Mr. Charles J. Jackson 1975
Mr. Clay H. Jackson 
Mr. David A. Jackson 1986
Mr. Gregory L. Jackson 2000
Mr. Ira J. Jackson, III 1964
Dr. Jennifer Cheek Jackson 2000
Ms. Jordan Jackson 2012
Mrs. Katrina S. Jackson 2005
Mr. Kevin L. Jackson 1976
Mr. Luke E. Jackson 2006
Mr. Rick Jackson 1998
Mr. Ronald T. Jackson 2005
Mr. Ronnie V. Jackson 1964
Mrs. Tracy Jackson 
Mr. Travis S. Jackson 1996
Mr. Seneca Jacobs 1999
Mr. Richard R. Jarman, Jr. 1996
Ms. Kathryn V. Jeffery 2014
Mrs. Debra B. Jenkins 1976
Mr. Gregory S. Jenkins 2006
Dr. Robert H. Jenkins 1979
Mrs. Tanya R. Jenkins 1993
Mr. Michael A. Jennings 2006
Mr. Jeffrey M. Jensen 1975
Mrs. Helen M. Jernigan 
Mr. Randall K. Jernigan 1978
Mr. William Keith Jernigan, Jr. 2008
Mr. David A. Jerome 2009
Mr. Brian E. Jesinkey 1995
Mrs. Shannon R. Jesinkey 1996
Dr. Concepcion Jimenez-Gonzalez 2001
Mr. Chris W. Johnson 1989
Mr. C. Frederick Johnson 1971
Mr. Douglas R. Johnson 
Dr. J. Clark Johnson, Jr. 1993
Mr. J. Matthew Johnson 2001
Dr. Lewis E. Johnson 1990
Mrs. Marcia H. Johnson 1969
Mrs. Paige M. Johnson 1989
Mrs. Rebecca K. Johnson 
Mr. Robert L. Johnson 1971
Mr. Ronnie M. Johnson 2008
Mrs. Shannon B. Johnson 1995
Dr. Shaun C. Johnson 2006
Mr. T. O. Johnson, Jr. 1963
Dr. William E. Johnson, IV 1994
Mr. Michael R. Johnston 1979
Mr. W. Grant Johnston 1995
Mrs. Celia G. Jolley 1983
Mr. David S. Jolley 1970
Mrs. Amy C. Jones 2000
Mrs. Beth Jones 
Dr. Carrie A. Jones 2009
Mrs. Cynthia J. Jones 
Mr. Douglas R. Jones 2001
Dr. Guy L. Jones 1947
Mrs. June G. Jones 1971
Dr. Kimberly G. Jones 2007
Mr. Lindley E. Jones 1983
Mrs. Margaret W. Jones 
Mr. Nathan W. Jones 1999
Ms. Pamela G. Jones 1978
Dr. Randy G. Jones 1981
Mrs. Robyn R. Jones 1999
Mr. Al Jones 1968
Mrs. Susan D. Jones 1984
Mr. Thomas W. Jones 1983
Mr. Toby Adam Jones 2007
Ms. Virginia D. Jones 1986
Mr. William S. Jones 1981
Mr. George H. Jordan III 1977
Mrs. Melba H. Jordan 
Mr. Robert B. Jordan, IV 1984
Dr. Justin S. Jornigan 2009
Mrs. Megan M. Jornigan 2010
Mrs. Cindy Joseph 
Mr. Fred Joseph 1956
Mr. Claude K. Josey, III 2002
Mrs. Caroline W. Joyce 1987
Mr. Charles S. Joyce 1987
Mr. Steven T. Joyce 1983
Mrs. Hilda T. Joyner 
Mr. Harvey R. Joyner 1958
Mrs. Jackie H. Joyner 
Ms. Margaret K. Joyner 1986
Mr. William A. Joyner, Sr. 1977
Mr. Daniel C. Judge 1991
Dr. Lafayette Judkins 1974
Mrs. Randy D. Judkins 
Mr. Dwuan D. June 1990
Mr. Harold C. Jurgensen 1970
Mr. Patrick K. Kalemba 1990
Ms. Sara A. Kamprath 1993
Mrs. Jane G. Kanipe 1971
Mr. John T. Kanipe, Jr. 1962
Dr. Mark Kao 1984
Dr. Su-Mei Kao 1984
Mrs. Betty M. Kapp 
Mr. Ben Karb 2005
Mr. Nathan B. Karnes 1988
Ms. Jennifer B. Karppinen 1999
Mr. Kyle D. Kaufman 1993
Ms. Leslie E.  Kausch 1990
Mrs. Debra G. Kaylor 
Mr. Phil R. Kaylor 1972
Dr. Barrett L. Kays 1973
Dr. Robert J. Keating 1984
Ms. Marian D. Keech 
Mr. C. Matthew Keen 1983
Dr. James A. Keenan 1994
Mr. Darrell G. Keener 1965
Mr. Stephen L. Keith 2009
Mr. Lewis Arthur Kellogg 1982
Mrs. Liz Kelly 1980
Mr. Stan Kelly 1980
Mr. Timothy B. Kelly 1982
Mrs. Toni Kelly 
Mrs. Julie H. Kemp 1983
Mr. Ramey F. Kemp, Jr. 1965
Mr. David Kemper 1989
Mr. Trevor L. Kendrick 2016
Mrs. Irene B. Kennedy 
Mr. William R. Kennedy 1958
Mr. Robert P. Kennel 1958
Dr. George D. Kerr 1965
Mrs. Sarah E. Kerr 
Mrs. Lynne S. Kerris 
Mr. Robert F. Kerris 1977
Mr. David Keyes 2005
Ms. Katrina Lynn Kezios 2008
Mr. Zachary D. Kezios 2010
Mr. Richard D. Kiernan, III 1995
Mr. Patrick R. Kilgannon 1981
Mrs. Robin G. Kilgannon 1982
Mrs. Dorothy Kimbrell 
Mrs. Tracy W. Kimbrell 2002
Mr. William D. Kimbrell, II 2009
Mr. Charles E. Kincaid II 2005
Mrs. Asha R. King 1996
Mr. F. Stanley King 1973
Mr. George D. King 1981
Mr. Gregory J. King 1981
Mr. James A. King, Jr. 1955
Mr. James S. King 1962
Mrs. Jenna L. King 
Mr. Scott King 2007
Mr. Kenneth S. King 2000
Mrs. Marcia T. King 1982
Mr. Mike J. Kinney 1983
Mrs. Patricia M. Kinney 1985
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Kirby 1985
Dr. Barbara K. Kirch 2002
Ms. Elizabeth W. Kirk 2008
Mr. Brian Kirkpatrick 
Mrs. Julia Y. Kirkpatrick 1996
Mrs. Doris Kiser 
Mr. Mose Kiser, Jr. 1956
Dr. Jennifer M. Kishimori 2003
Dr. Christine E. Kistler 1997
Mr. James Earle Kluttz 1964
Ms. Catherine Correll-Knight 1978
Mrs. Betsy Knowles 1973
Mrs. Monica G. Kobayashi 1995
Major Luke E. Koerschner 1990
Mr. Jay A. Kohler 2011
Ms. Subha Rani Kolluru 2006
Mrs. Tammy Konrad 1993
Dr. Marcia A. Koomen 1982
Mr. Jonathan T. Koontz 1994
Mr. Henry B. Kopf 
Mrs. Jan T. Kopf 
Mr. Jason Allen Kopp 2007
Mr. Denes A. Kovacs 2004
Mrs. Leah M. Kovacs 2006
Dr. Michael E. Kuhl 1994
Mrs. Allison Y. Kuhns 1991
Mr. Douglas A. Kuhns 1984
Mr. Henry D. Kuo 1986
Mrs. Irene R. Kuo 1986
Ms. Sophia Kuo 
Ms. Alaina Kupec 1992
Mrs. Mary B. Ladd 
Mr. Zack F. Ladd 1958
Mr. Dean F. Lail 1983
Dr. Leonore Witchey-Lakshmanan 1988
Mr. Charles D. Lamb 1976
Dr. Kristy L. Lamb 2006
Mrs. Patricia D. Lamb 1977
Mr. Charles T. Lambert 1951
Mr. Eddie L. Lambert, Jr. 1993
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Lambert 
Mrs. Jobina H. Lambert 1999
Mr. David D. Lambeth 1978
Mrs. Katherine M. Lambeth 
Mr. John (Tony) Lamm 1966
Mrs. Melda B. Lamm 
Mr. William S. Lamm 1953
Mr. Donald I. Lamonds 1978
Mrs. Donna Lamonds 
Mr. Frank A. Lancaster 1992
Mr. John K. Lancaster Sr. 1956
Mr. Thomas W. Land 1974
Mr. Thomas A. Landen 2008
Mrs. Denise S. Landino 1990
Mrs. Angela E. Lane 1981
Mr. David Lane 1950
Ms. Sara J. Lane 2001
Mr. Stephen V. Lane 1981
Mrs. Alla A. Langley 2009
Ms. Andrea Hewlett-Langster 1993
Mrs. Jerri T. Lanier 1984
Mr. Thomas L. Lanier 1985
Dr. Lynda L. Lanning 1982
Mrs. Cari L. Lara 2009
Mr. Jeffrey J. Larotonda 2013
Mr. Donny L. Lassiter 1999
Mr. Joseph S. Lassiter 1976
Mrs. Katherine Lassiter 
Mrs. Bev Latvala 1976
Mr. Jerry B. Latvala 1976
Mr. Robert C. Laundon 1981
Mrs. Terri Jo Laundon 
Mr. Thomas K. Laundon 1975
Mrs. Tristan B. Laundon 2004
Dr. W. Russell Laundon 2004
Mr. Christopher J. Laursen 
Mrs. Rhoda R. Lawrence 1978
Mr. Thomas V. Lawrence 1978
Mr. Jason B. Laws 1998
Mr. Douglas W. Lawson 1986
Mrs. Kathleen Z. Lawson 1981
Mrs. Emily O. Lawton 1991
Mr. Harry A. Lawton III 1996
Mrs. Joanne K. Lawton 
Mr. William G. Lay 1982
Mr. James O. Layne III 1993
Dr. Heather R. Lazar 2000
Mr. Hurdle H. Lea, Jr. 1959
Mrs. Kristin B. Leahy 1995
Mr. Christopher A. Leazer 1996
Mr. David J. LeCount 1991
Mr. David B. Ledford 1989
Mr. Michael C. Ledford 1975
Mr. Steve R. Ledford 1984
Mr. Austin K. Lee 2004
Mrs. Courtney J. Lee 
Mr. Geoffrey C. Lee 1995
Mr. George N. Lee 
Mrs. Linda W. Lee 
Mrs. Patricia J. Lee 
Dr. Peychii Lee 1996
Mr. Robert M. Lee, Sr. 1970
Mr. Charles D. Leffler 
Mrs. Wanda S. Leffler 
Ms. Brice Lefler 2006
Mr. Michael Leigh 2006
Ms. Lisa Leikam 
Mr. W. Bruce Lennon 1990
Mr. Scott E. Leo 1990
Mr. J. Barry Leonard 1975
Mr. Robert C. Leonard 1982
Mrs. Sherri N. Leonard 
Mrs. Tanya Leonard 
Mrs. Eileen B. Leoncavallo 1975
Mr. Joseph Kyle Lessard 2013
Mr. Bill Lester, Jr. 1987
Mr. Charles G. Letchworth 1968
Mrs. Suzanne G. Letchworth 
Mrs. Erica K. Levai 2010
Mr. Bobby R. Lewis 
Mr. Christopher Ryan Lewis 2008
Mrs. Cindy B. Lewis 
Ms. Mary C. Lewis 
Mr. Henry V. Liles Jr. 1974
Mrs. Myra L. Liles 
Dr. Maggie Linak 2006
Mrs. Laura M. Lindsey 1988
Mr. Brian J. Linens 
Mrs. Susan G. Linens 1983
Mr. Andre Jamaal Little 2007
Mr. G. Mark Little 1981
Mr. J. Mack Little 1974
Mrs. Susan P. Little 1974
Mr. Andy Lobean 1996
Mrs. Charlotte C. Locke 
Mr. Jonathan E. Locklear 1999
Mr. Phillip L. Locklear 1986
Mr. Jason Wayne Loftin 2008
Mrs. Emily S. Loftis 
Ms. Patricia A. Loftis 1987
Mr. Robert S. Loftis, Sr. 1974
Mr. Drew Logan 2004
Mr. John P. Logan 1969
Mr. Lambert B. Logan 1980
Mrs. Rebecca P. Logan 
Ms. Pat Lohr 1976
Mr. Donald W. Long 1991
Mr. L. Duane Long 
Mrs. Linda Hilton Long 1978
Mr. Matthew T. Long 2011
Mrs. Patricia A. Long 
Mr. Ryan F. Long 2002
Mr. V. B. Lougee, III 1951
Mrs. Dorothy B. Love 
Mr. Heath W. Love, Jr. 1977
Mr. J. Daniel Love Jr. 1973
Mrs. Mary J. Love 
Mrs. Judy Lovelace 
Mr. Sam D. Lovelace, Jr. 1964
Mr. Blake D. Lovette 1965
Mr. Timothy A. Lovin 1977
Mr. Roy A. Lucas 1981
Mr. Patrick C. Lyerly 1997
Mrs. Stacy M. Lyerly 
Mrs. Michelle FormyDuval Lynch 1992
Mr. Cameron Edward Lynch 2008
Mr. William J. Lynch 1989
Mr. David M. Mabe 2013
Mrs. Karen G. MacDonald 1988
Dr. Roy A. MacDonald 1979
Mr. Stephen L. MacDonald 1986
Mr. Samuel V. Mace 1961
Mr. Thomas B. Macgregor 2016
Mr. John D. MacMillan, III 2016
Mrs. Cristina M. Judge 1991
Mr. Billy D. Maddalon 1990
Mrs. Ann B. Malcolm 
Mr. Jeff M. Malcolm 1984
Mr. R. Brooks Malone, III 1988
Ms. Whitney M. Maloney 2016
Dr. P. Franklin Maness 1973
Mr. Scott R. Manuel 1998
Dr. James F. Marchman III 1964
Mr. Aaron L. Marcus 2012
Mr. Nawaf J. Marjan 1995
Mrs. Katheryn Diane Markham 1980
Colonel David A. Markowski, USA 1987
Ms. Kelly M. Marks 2001
Mr. Charles M. Marshall 1991
Dr. David T. Marshall 1985
Mr. Fred E. Marshall 1956
Mrs. Laura G. Marshall 2002
Mr. Robert E. Marshall 2002
Mrs. Suk I. Marshall 
Mr. Christopher G. Martin 1988
Mrs. Jeanene R. Martin 1982
Mr. Eric D. Martin 1984
Mr. Darren Martin 1987
Mrs. Maria B. Martin 
R. John Martin PE 1984
Ms. Michelle Davis Martinez 2006
Mr. Robert E. Mason, IV 1985
Ms. Spyridoula Masouras 1994
Mrs. Emily G. Massey 2010
Mr. Christopher A. Masterson 2016
Mrs. Perrin H. Matheis 1990
Mrs. Brett M. Mathews 2000
Mr. Luke Steven Mathis 2007
Mrs. Susan R. Matlock 1984
Mr. Gary E. Matthews 1978
Mr. J. Reed Matthews 1971
Mr. Lawrence R. Matthews 1973
Mrs. Marigene Matthews 
Mrs. Carol J. Mattocks 
Mr. Bob Mattocks 1959
Mr. Bert D. May 1963
Mr. Robert W. May 1965
Mr. Walter L. Mayberry, III 1974
Mr. Nicholas B. W. Mayhew 2004
Mrs. Rebecca S. Mayhew 2003
Mr. Richard T. Maynard 2005
Mrs. Stephanie A. W. Maynard 1997
Mr. Thomas M. Maynard, Jr. 1978
Mr. Cameron B. McCall 2000
Dr. Shannon Jones McCall 1996
Mrs. Janice W. McClendon 1992
Mr. John E. McClendon 1966
Mr. Abbot H. McClintic 1987
Mr. Floyd E. McClung III 1984
Mr. Jason B. McCombs 1995
Mrs. Jordan G. McCorkle 
Mr. Scott A. McCorkle 1996
Ms. Taylor L. McCoy 2016
Mr. Randier L. McCullen 1970
Dr. Sandra R. McCullen 1979
Mrs. Carolyn McCulley 
Mr. Mike D. McCulley, Sr. 1963
Mr. M. Todd McCurry 1986
Mrs. Julia Harris McDonald 1973
Dr. Michael E. McDonald 1978
Ms. Sara C. McDonald 2003
Mrs. Janice B. McDowell 
Mr. Phillip W. McDowell 1976
Mr. A. Craig McDuffie 1983
Mrs. Nancy D. McGee 
Mrs. Susan S. McGee 1978
Mr. James Lance McGhee 2013
Mr. James G. McGinniss III 2006
Mr. John Allen McGuire 2008
Mr. Rob McIntyre 2008
Mr. Herbert P. McKim, Jr. 1973
Ms. Lauren H. McKinney 2012
Mr. James S. McLamb 1991
Dr. Kristel J. McLawhorn 2001
Dr. Robert A. McLawhorn 2003
Mr. John McLeod 1985
Mr. Dalton L. McMichael, Jr. 1970
Mrs. Susan F. McMichael 
Mr. Brian L. McMurray 1986
Mr. Patrick L. McMurtry 1987
Mrs. Cynthia M. McNeely 1980
Mr. R. Scott McNeely 1980
Dr. Calvin McNeill 1976
Mrs. Cyndi McNeill 
Mr. Gerard S. McNeill 
Mr. Mark B. McNeill 1994
Mr. Ronald B. McNeill 1973
Mr. Raymond A. McNemar 1997
Mr. William G. McNinch, Jr. 1963
Mr. Henry F. McPherson 1982
Mr. William T. McQueen 2011
Ms. Abby E. McSwain 
Mrs. Kathy O. McSwain 
Ms. Rebekah C. McSwain 2003
Mr. Thomas H. McSwain 1978
Mr. Joseph H. Meadows, Jr. 1980
Mrs. Dorothy S. Meares 
Mr. Sanjay S. Medi 2000
Mrs. Michelle E. Mehdizadeh 
Dr. Parvis P. Mehdizadeh 1966
Dr. Anna G. Mellinger 2007
Dr. Daniel W. Mellinger, III 2007
Mr. Edward M. Melton 1977
Mr. Forrest W. Mendenhall 1987
Mr. Darrell V. Menscer 1960
Mr. Eric D. Menscer 1988
Mrs. Nena Menscer 
Mr. Angus W. Mercer 1950
Mrs. Joyce M. Mercer 
Mr. Christopher G. Meredith 2007
Mrs. Sarah P. Meredith 2007
Dr. Laura S. Merriman 2014
Mrs. Meredith S. Merritt 2003
Mr. Robert E. Merritt 1949
Mr. James E. Messer 2002
Mr. Jack Meyer 
Mr. Henry H. Mgaya 2002
Mrs. Chandler Michael 
Mr. John R. Michael 1950
Mr. Joseph R. Michael, Jr. 2005
Mr. Joe Michael 1975
Mrs. Lee A. Michael 
Mrs. Nancy J. Michael 
Mr. Paul J. Michaels 1969
Dr. Kenneth J. Michau II 1992
Mr. Brent L. Miller 2004
CPT Jamen K. Miller 2004
Ms. Jessica N. Miller 2016
Mr. John R. J. Miller 1955
Mr. Justin M. Miller 2009
Mrs. Kimberly J. Miller 1978
Mrs. Lindsay B. Miller 2010
Major Mary K. Miller, USA 1999
Mr. Richard T. Miller 2001
Mr. Stuart R. Miller 2002
Mr. Thadd Miller 1998
Dr. Neal E. Millikan 2003
Mr. Nolan Mills 1983
Mrs. Kathryn T. Minschew 1981
Mrs. Jena C. Minton 2009
Mr. Mansfield Stevenson Minton 2008
Mr. Thomas W. Miralia 1984
Mr. Nicholas G. Mirisis 2000
Justice Burley B. Mitchell, Jr. 1966
Mrs. Carolyn M. Mitchell 
Mrs. Lou Mitchell 
Mr. Michael D. Mitchell 2004
Dr. Tony L. Mitchell 1987
Mr. Norman R. Modlin 1986
Mr. Brendan Moeller 2011
Dr. Mansour H. Mohamed 
Mrs. Alison R. Monahan 2002
Mr. David Monahan 
Ms. Pamela Thomas-Monroe 1996
Mr. Bobby L. Montague 1958
Mrs. Susan S. Haney Montague 
Mr. James N. Montgomery 1991
Mrs. Paula Y. Montgomery 
Mr. Kenneth W. Moody 1984
Mrs. Robin G. Moody 
Mrs. Betty B. Mooney 
Mr. Daryl Moore 1982
Colonel Robert P. Moore, USAF, Retired 1969
Ms. Wanda M. Moore 1989
Mr. Eric L. Moorefield 1996
Mr. John A. Moorefield 1983
Dr. Andrew R. Moorhead 1993
Major Luis G. Morales, USA, Retired 1983
Mrs. Sharon L. Weers Morales 1986
Mrs. Carolyn Moretz 
Mr. George A. Moretz 1964
Ms. A. Elizabeth Morey 1993
Ms. Amelia S. Morgan 1988
Mr. Charles M. Morgan, Jr. 1993
Mr. Christopher E. Morgan 1996
Mr. Conen T. Morgan 2009
Mrs. Rebecca D. Morlok 1978
Mr. Theodore C. Morlok 1977
Mr. Brian P. Morris 1994
Mr. JT Morris 
Mrs. Jodi A. Morris 1992
Mr. William Leonard Morris 1950
Dr. Boyce M. Morrison, Jr. 1977
Mr. John T. Morrison 1976
Mr. Matthew Blair Morrison 2010
Mr. Robert L. Morrison, Sr. 1955
Mr. Patrick D. Morrissey 2000
Commander Darren C. Morton, USN, Ret. 1989
Mrs. Jodi D. Morton 
Mrs. Carolyn H. Moser 
Mr. James B. Moser 1984
Mr. Leon S. Moser 1972
Mrs. Melinda Moser 
Mrs. Joy B. Moshakos 2005
Mr. James T. Moss, Jr. 1976
Ms. Cynthia D. Moss-Holt 1991
Mr. William D. Moxley, Jr. 1958
Mrs. Barbara H. Mulkey 1977
Mr. James W. Mulkey 1970
Mr. Ben Muller 
Mrs. Erin M. Muller 2002
Mr. John C. Munroe 2004
Mr. Patrick Joseph Munson 2008
Mr. Daniel Paul Murphy 2012
Ms. Tasha Murphy 2008
Mrs. Linda G. Murphy 
Mr. Wendell H. Murphy 1960
Mr. Jeffery D. Murray 1984
Mr. Alexander C Myers 2013
Mr. James B. Myers, III 1969
Dr. Mary Myers 1988
Mrs. Lavanya Vaidya Nagaraj 1997
Mr. Sharat Nagaraj 1999
Mr. John C. Nagel 2014
Dr. Brian A. Nault 1994
Mrs. Melissa E. Nault 1995
Mrs. Susan K. Naylor 2004
Mr. John B. Neese 1976
Mr. David Webb Nelson 1972
Mr. A. Gordon Neville 1961
Dr. Christopher J. Neville 1988
Mrs. Patricia L. Neville 
Dr. Tonya N. Neville 1986
Ms. Connie Rogers-Newcome 1982
Dr. Thomas Lee Newcome, II 1982
Mrs. Lindsay S. Newsom 
Mr. Mac Newsom, III 1966
Dr. Natalie H. Newton 1980
Mr. Decker T. Ngongang 2003
Mrs. Courtney J. Nichols 2000
Mr. Brock M. Nicholson 1966
Mr. Stuart A. Nisbet 1987
Ms. V. Sherice Nivens 1998
Mrs. Katie H. Nixon 
Mr. Larry D. Nixon 1962
Ms. Linda J. Noble 1983
Mr. Brendan G. Nolte 2001
Mr. David C. Nolte 1999
Mr. Christopher Roy Norcross 2008
Mrs. Carol Ringer Norman 1978
Mr. Brandon Dale Norris 2008
Mr. Johnny F. Norris, Jr. 1971
Dr. Daniel T. Norton 1981
Mr. John C. Norton 1990
Mrs. Joyce K. Norton 2007
Mr. W. F. Norton 1991
Mr. Jack E. Norwood 1947
Mr. Ben G. Nottingham 
Mr. Channing M. Nuckols 1973
Mr. Melvin C. Nunn, Jr. 1981
Mrs. Alicia B. Nunnally 1987
Mr. John M. Nunnally 1988
Mrs. Melinda K. Nussey 1988
Mr. William C. Nussey 1987
Mr. Allen T. Oakley 1982
Dr. Diana G. Oblinger 
Dr. James L. Oblinger 
Mr. Bill L. O'Brien, Jr. 1962
Mr. Kevin P. O'Brien 2006
Mr. Paul L. O'Brien 1994
Mr. Beverly Wayne O'Dell, Jr. 1981
Dr. Francis P. O'Dell 1975
Mrs. Susie O'Dell 
Mr. Donald T. Oldham 
Mrs. Susan Oldham 
Colonel James O'Neal, Jr., USAF 1981
Dr. Marjorie L. O'Neill 1991
Mrs. Amy W. O'Quinn 
Mr. John C. O'Quinn 1996
Dr. Kern W. Ormond 1994
Mrs. Lesley H. O'Rourke 1998
Mr. Michael B. O'Rourke 2000
Mrs. Janet R. Osborne 
Mr. Ray Osborne 1994
Mrs. Brenda C. Ott 1978
Mr. R. Lee Ott, Jr. 1976
Ms. Elizabeth H. Otwell 2003
Mr. Felton J. Outland, Jr. 1973
Mrs. Janice F. Outland 
Mrs. Debbie Outlaw 
Mr. Thomas B. Outlaw 1981
Mr. J. C. Overcash, Jr. 1958
Mrs. Shirley M. Overcash 
Ms. Annette Overton 
Mrs. Stacy P. Owen 1994
Dr. James W. Owens 1968
Dr. Robert G. Oxford 1999
Mr. Bob Pace 1970
Mr. H. Tony Padgett 1964
Mr. Daniel R. Page 1985
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Page 1987
Mrs. Patricia Page 
Mr. Ronald M. Page 1967
Ms. Jill A. Painter 1992
Dr. Cecilia C. Pairo 1991
Mr. Richard R. Palmer 1985
Mrs. Sarah W. Palmer 
Mr. Rick Palmieri 2003
Mr. Christopher K. Panosh 2012
Mr. Claude G. Pardue, Sr. 1974
Ms. Chelsea L. Parham 2011
Mr. Jacob J. Parker 1972
Mr. John B. Parker 1969
Ms. Kimberly L. Parker 1998
Ms. V. L. Parker 1990
Mr. Winston T. Parker 2001
Mr. Thomas U. Parkin 1981
Mr. Derek J. Parks 1988
Dr. James E. Parks, II 1989
Mrs. Linda M. Parks 1984
Mrs. Cookie F. Parnell 1970
Mr.Edward Fitzgerald Parnell 1969
Mrs. Carol F. Parries 1970
Mrs. Barbara P. Partington 1977
Mr. James Partington, III 
Mrs. Jeanie L. Paschall 1994
Dr. John S. Paschall 1992
Dr. John A. Pasour 1972
Mr. George T. Pate, Jr. 1982
Mr. Hetal S. Patel 2004
Mr. Pramod N. Patel 1994
Mr. Greg Patterson 1983
Ms. Anna Patton 2009
Mrs. Sharon S. Pearce 
Mr. Vincent P. Pearce 1978
Dr. Erin Frey Pearson 2003
Mr. Randy L. Pearson 1987
Mr. Richard W. Pearson, Jr. 1996
Mr. Barry W. Peddycord, III 2011
Mrs. Anne S. Peden 
Mr. James M. Peden, Jr. 1958
Dr. Douglas W. Peed 1980
Mrs. Brenda P. Peedin 
Dr. Gerald F. Peedin 1964
Mr. Hilton B. Peel, Jr. 1981
Mrs. Lynn H. Peel 1979
Mr. Robert H. Peele, Jr. 1978
Mr. Jonathan A. Peeler 2000
Mr. Mark E. Pegram 1981
Mr. Peter W. Peiffer 1965
Mr. Matthew T. Pender 2006
Mrs. Tyler P. Pender 2006
Mrs. Frankie L. Pendergraph 1990
Mr. Ronald G. Pendred 1976
Mr. Mark R. Penegar 1988
Ms. Melanie L. Penny 1985
Mr. Jorge J. Pericchi 1986
Ms. Celestine Perkins 1986
Mr. George R. Perkins, Jr. 1964
Mrs. Hazel P. Perkins 
Mrs. Kelley H. Perkins 1992
Dr. Stephen L. Perkins 1990
Dr. William L. Perkinson 1993
Dr. Heidi A. Perreault-Rajala 2003
Mr. Dylan F. Perry 2015
Mr. James A. Perry 1996
Mr. Jerry Perry 
Mrs. Rebecca A. Perry 1992
Ms. Melanie A. Perryman 1985
Mr. Hans E. Peterson 1988
Mrs. Luann L. Peterson 1977
Lieutenant Colonel Carey E. Petit, USAF 1997
Mrs. Amy M. Pettigrew 2003
Mr. Harold B. Pettigrew, Jr. 2002
Lieutenant Robert B. Phaneuf, USN 2005
Mrs. Allyson F. Phillips 
Mr. Clyde M. Phillips 1983
Mr. John R. Phillips 1994
Dr. Richard B. Phillips 1964
Mrs. Sarah H. Phillips 1994
Mr. David L. Phipps Jr. 1975
Mrs. Sarah R. Phipps 
Mr. Louis Pikula 1984
Mrs. Mona L. Pinkney 1986
Mr. Wayne A. Pinkney 
Mr. Frank W. Pittenger 1988
Mrs. Pamela T. Pittenger 
Mrs. Phoebe P. Pittman 1997
Mr. Timothy Pittman 
Mr. Emory W. Pitts 1955
Mrs. Mary Pitts 
Mr. Ron L. Pitts 
Mr. Ronald J. Pitts 1999
Dr. H. Reiss Plauche 1990
Mr. Joseph M. Pleasant, Jr. 1972
Mrs. Vicki S. Pleasant 
Dr. Gregory T. Pleasants 1992
Mrs. Karen T. Pleasants 1992
Mrs. Cary Plotkin 1996
Mr. Louie E. Pollock, Jr. 
Dr. Daniel Pomp 1989
Mr. David L. Pond 1979
Mrs. Carrie D. Ponder 
Mrs. Margaret C. Ponder 
Dr. Reginald W. Ponder 1958
Mr. Wallace R. Ponder 1977
Mrs. Carol L. Poole 
Mrs. Janice R. Poole 
Mr. Lonnie C. Poole, Jr. 1959
Dr. Marion R. Poole 1958
Mr. Michael J. Poole 
Mrs. Anne A. Pope 1982
Mr. Matthew T. Porter 2010
Mr. Richard M. Porter 1966
Dr. Royce A. Porter, Jr. 1986
Mr. Charles G. Poston 1983
Mrs. Deborah Poston 
Mrs. Kathryn P. Poston 
Mr. Thomas D. Poston 1982
Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey P. Poulson, Retired 1969
Mrs. Flora G. Powell 
Mr. Frank B. Powell, III 1976
Mr. Joseph A. Powell, Sr. 1960
Mr. N. D. Powell, Jr. 2003
Mrs. Sara N. Powell 
Mrs. Barbara N. Powers 1988
Mr. David M. Powers 1983
Mr. W. E. Prescott, Jr. 1963
Dr. Ronald W. Prestage 1978
Mr. Brian M. Price 1999
Mrs. Connie Berger Price 1977
Mrs. Cynthia C. Price 1977
Mrs. Cynthia W. Price 
Mrs. JoAnn B. Price 2002
Mr. Lane C. Price 1979
Dr. Larry E. Price 1977
Mrs. Merry W. Price 1978
Mr. Philip W. Price 1975
Mr. Robert A. Price 1976
Mr. Jim Pridgen 1960
Ms. Barbara A. Prillaman 1986
Mrs. Karen E. Proffitt 1984
Mr. Robert A. Proffitt 2004
Mr. Lou T. Protonentis 1985
Mr. Thomas J. Pruett 1977
Mrs. Lori Purcell 
Ms. Paige H. Purcell 2015
Mr. Robert L. Purcell 1977
Mr. Michael S. Quade 1999
Mrs. Jaclyn M.J. Quesinberry 2007
Dr. Jo A. Quinn 1982
Mrs. Susan W. Rabon 1982
Mr. Billy Rackley 
Mrs. Cathy B. Rackley 
Mr. Frank Rackley 1973
Mrs. Nan Rackley 
The Honorable Robert B. Rader 1978
Mrs. Lillie B. Ragan 
Mr. W. Trent Ragland III 1980
Mr. Tom Rajala 2004
Mr. Joseph Rajan 2013
Mr. J. Richard Ramirez 1973
Mr. Henry Ramseur 1954
Ms. Diane W. Ramsey 1967
Mr. Heath Ramsey 
Mr. Randall C. Ramsey 
Mr. Doug Ratcliff 
Dr. Teresa Helmlinger Ratcliff 1978
Mr. Sameer Rathie 2010
Mr. Samuel F. Ravenel 1974
Mr. Charles R. Rawls 1979
Ms. Sarah Alice Rawls 2013
Mrs. Ann S. Rawn 1975
Mr. Benjamin W. Ray 2000
Ms. Patricia Ray 1980
Mr. Richard A. Ray II 1992
Ms. Sandra A. Ray 1987
Dr. Bobby C. Raynor 
Mrs. Margaret F. Raynor 1979
Col. Robert H. Reardon, Jr., USA, Ret. 1971
Mrs. Kathryn S. Rector 1977
Mr. Kevin W. Reece 1993
Mrs. Rebecca W. Reece 1998
Mr. Charles P. Reeves 2000
Mrs. Josie F. Reeves 2000
Mr. Cecil R. Register 1955
Mrs. Nancy B. Register 
Dr. Elisabeth A. Reid 1989
Dr. Jerry H. Reitzel 1968
Mr. E. Bradford Remmey 1994
Mr. Kyle B. Resco 2016
Mr. Daniel F. Revels 1972
Mrs. Emily L. Revels 1973
Mr. Jason V. Rhodes 1994
Mr. Michael D. Rhoney 1994
Mrs. Vickie F. Rhoney 1991
Mrs. Cynthia Rich 
Mr. Keith N. Rich 1975
Mr. William M. Richey 1997
Mrs. Cherie Richie 
Mr. Robert A. Richie 1963
Mr. Kevin Richter 
Mrs. Jennifer H. Richter 1997
Mr. Brian S. Ricker 1992
Mrs. Mary W. Riddick 
Mr. William B. Riddick, Jr. 1974
Dr. Christa Riddle 1999
Ms. Nancy A. Ridenhour 1976
Mrs. Laura M. Ridgeway 
The Honorable Paul C. Ridgeway 1982
Mrs. Bonnie Shaw Rightnour 1997
Mr. James A. Rightnour 
Mr. Robert Franklin Rikard 2012
Dr. Lillian Rinker 1988
Mr. Richard G. Robb 
Mr. David H. Roberson 1983
Dr. Tiffany L. Roberson 1992
Mr. Brad C. Roberts 2002
Mr. Bruce T. Roberts 1989
Dr. Jeffrey M. Roberts 1998
Colonel Joseph K. Roberts, USA 1986
Dr. Kim G. Roberts 2002
Mr. Randall S. Roberts 1998
Mrs. Yoskana C. Roberts 1990
Mrs. Yvonne Roberts 
Mr. David W. Robertson 1974
Mrs. Beth Robinson 1982
Mr. J. E. Robinson III 1994
Mr. John D. Robinson, Jr. 1982
Mr. John Robinson 2000
Ms. Leighann Robinson 2016
Mrs. Mary H. Robinson 
Mr. Rod Robinson 1991
Mrs. Sabre A. Robinson 
Dr. Stacy M. Robinson 1994
Mr. W. Derek Robinson 1985
Mrs. Helen H. Rock 1989
Mr. Russell A. Rockwell 1970
Mrs. Patricia A. Rodgers 
Mrs. Buffie D. Rodri 1991
Mr. J. Christy Rodri 1988
Mr. Thomas O. Rogers 
Mr. E. W. Rogister, Jr. 1957
Mrs. Jean Rogister 
Mrs. Mary Lib Perry 1985
Mr. Richard R. Rohrbaugh 1981
Mrs. Susan Rohrbaugh 
Mr. Jon N. Rolle 2005
Mrs. Sue Rose 
Colonel Lawrence C. Rose, Jr., USA, Retired 1973
Mr. B. Alan Ross 1950
Ms. Kristen A. Rosselli 2006
Mr. Gregory Wallace Roth 2007
Mrs. Karen E. Roth 
Mr. Delane B. Rouse 1995
Mr. Travis C. Rouse 1990
Ms. Angela L. Rowe 1983
Mr. Brent R. Rowe 2003
Mr. Matthew C. Rowe 2002
Mrs. Traci R. Rowe 2003
Mr. Jonathan Robert Royal 2008
Mr. Kyle L. Rudd 1984
Mr. James M. Ruffin 1984
Mrs. Lorre C. Ruffin 1986
Mr. Thomas E. Ruffin III 2001
Mr. Derek S. Rumble 1983
Mr. Denver W. Rupard 1959
Ms. Jodee R. Ruppel 2005
Mrs. Katherine B. Rushing 
Dr. Matthew A. Rushing 1997
Mr. David W. Rusnak 1987
Dr. Irene M. Rusnak 1982
Mrs. Denise P. Russell 1981
Mr. Mark A. Russell 1981
Dr. Mona L. Russell 1987
Mr. Shannon M. Russell 1998
Dr. Terrell G. Russell 2001
Mr. Joseph H. Sadler, Jr. 1976
Major Paul A. Sadowski, USAF, Retired 1983
Mr. Perry R. Safran 1972
Mrs. Susan M. Safran 
Mr. L. Y. Safrit, Jr. 1972
Dr. Arnie I. Sair 2001
Mrs. Kara L. Sair 2002
Mr. Gavin G. Saldanha 2004
Dr. Jackie Newlin-Saleeby 1979
Ms. Joanna Saleeby 2010
Ms. Julie Saleeby 2011
Dr. Richard G. Saleeby, Jr. 1978
Dr. Sonja I. Salmon 1995
Dr. Jonathan R. Saluta 1993
Mr. Norman G. Samet 1959
Mrs. Page P. Sanders 
Ms. Stephanie M. Sanders 1999
Mr. W. Ferrell Sanders, Jr. 1959
Dr. Michael D. Sandin 1991
Ms. Jo A. Sanford 1972
Mr. Arunkumar M. Sanghani 1994
Mrs. Nima A. Sanghani 
Mr. Christopher J. Santoro 2005
Mr. Karl W. Sass 1976
Mr. Rhone Sasser 1959
Mrs. Emma Garnett Satterfield 
Mrs. Pam Saunders 
Mr. Robert D. Saunders 1976
Ms. Margo Cecilia Sauter 2011
Mr. Raeford Sawyer 
Dr. Marianna Schafer 1993
Mr. Mark A. Schaffer 1993
Mr. Christopher Thomas Schlenker 2008
Mrs. Kirstin B. Schlenker 2007
Mr. Joseph W. Schmidt 1999
Mrs. Anne G. Schmitt 1988
Mr. Mark A. Schrader 2000
Major Mark C. Schreffler, USAF 1983
Mr. Adam D. Schuette 2002
Dr. Meghan H. Schwartz 2010
Mrs. Janet G. Schwarz 2004
Mr. Jason J. Schwarz 1998
Mrs. Frances S. Schwinn 1994
Mrs. Gina Schwitzgebel 
Mr. Gregory F. Schwitzgebel, III 1998
Dr. Alice S. Scott 1970
Mr. C. Edward Scott, III 1965
Mr. Carroll C. Scott, III 1979
Mr. Charles E. Scott 1954
Mrs. Debra M. Scott 
Mr. Delmar L. Scott 
Mr. George H. Scott 1998
Mr. John L. Scott 1989
Mrs. Linda Scott 
Mr. Mickey D. Scott 1985
Dr. R. Keith Scott 1983
Mrs. Wendy T. Scott 1999
Mrs. Brenda B. Scronce 
Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas E. Scronce, USAF, Retired 1955
Mrs. Sandra B. Scronce 
Mr. Timothy E. Scronce 1987
Mr. John W. Scull 2004
Mr. Michael S. Seaman 1993
Mr. Adam R. Sedivy 2015
Honorable Richard D. Selland 1990
Mr. Shawn B. Selleck 1997
Ms. Tracy Seretean 
Dr. Jolayne W. Service 1982
Mrs. Amy H. Sessions 
Mr. T. Scott Sessions 1987
Mr. Ronald R. Sewell 1974
Ms. Melanie J. Shaffer 1983
Mr. Anup M. Shah 2004
Mr. C. Edward Sharp, Jr. 1981
Dr. Jimmy A. Shaver 1972
Mrs. Shirley Shaw 
Mr. William W. Shaw 1968
Mr. David R. Sheets 1976
Mrs. Kay Sheets 
Judge Mary W. Sheffield Wray 1976
Dr. Dale S. Sheffield 1999
Mr. Walter B. Shelley 
Dr. Benjamin F. Shelton III 1978
Mr. John S. Shepherd, Jr. 1971
Mrs. Julie A. Shepherd 
Mr. Jim W. Sherrer, Jr. 1979
Mr. Boyce J. Sherrill, II 1984
Dr. Kimberly Sherrill 1993
Mrs. Paulette Sherrill 
Mr. Rodney W. Sherrill 1994
Mr. Ronald G. Sherrill 1970
Mr. Roderick S. Shields 1974
Dr. Anna L. Shope 2008
Mr. Richard E. Shore, Jr. 1979
Mr. G. Brent Shorter 1998
Ms. Rosita Guo Shou-Wen 
Mrs. Maigan G. Shrum 2002
Mr. Shevais M. Shrum 2002
Mr. Divakar K. Shukla 1988
Mr. Andrew W. Shull 2003
Mrs. Leah B. Shull 
Mr. Forest F. Sidbury 
Dr. Catherine T. Sigal 1976
Ms. Becky Simers 
Mr. Ted M. Simmons 1969
Mr. George D. Simpson, Jr. 1992
Mr. Judge A. Simpson 1951
Mrs. Dorothy Sink 
Dr. E. Max Sink 1951
Mr. Kester A. Sink 1947
Mr. Jonathan D. Sitter 2014
Mrs. Carol S. Sizemore 
Mr. Bing Sizemore 1971
Mr. Richard J. Skaff, Jr. 1999
Mr. Rodrick A. Skewes 1986
Mrs. Kory E. Skrob 1992
Mr. Robert Skrob 
Dr. Mark X. Sliwkowski 1982
Dr. Mary Burke Sliwkowski 1982
Mr. Edward F. Sloan 
Mr. Lewis S. Sloan, Jr. 2011
Mr. Christopher H. Small 2004
Mrs. Emily W. Small 2004
Mr. Richard A. Small 2011
Mrs. Aimee D. Smart 2000
Dr. Stan S. Smeltzer III 1988
Lieutenant Colonel Alick Edward Smith, USA 1991
Ms. Alison L. Smith 2007
Mrs. Ann H. Smith 1974
Mr. Brian W. Smith 1992
Mrs. Camille Boyette Smith 
Mrs. Christal A. Smith 2004
Mr. Christopher W. Smith 2004
Mr. Clifton H. Smith 2001
Mrs. Cynthia M. Smith 1978
Mr. Donald J. Smith 
Mrs. Erin W. Smith 2005
Mr. Frank S. Smith, III 1963
Mrs. Heather W. Smith 
Mr. Jeb S. Smith 2016
Mr. Matthew Smith 1987
Mrs. Linda M. Smith 
Mrs. Marguerite J. Smith 1987
Mr. Matthew B. Smith 1994
Mr. Michael W. Smith, Jr. 2014
Dr. Paula Y. Smith 1979
Mr. R. Curtis Smith 2001
Mr. Randy H. Smith 1977
Mr. Rick Smith 1969
Mr. Stacey A. Smith 1992
Ms. Sydney W. Smith 2014
Mr. Todd W. Smith 1986
Mr. Victor C. Smith 1996
Dr. William E. Smith 1986
Mr. William L. Smith 1979
Mr. William W. Smith 2004
Dr. I. Phillip Snider 1988
Mr. Clarence W. Snodgrass 2004
Mr. Christopher M. Snow 1989
Mrs. Kelly Sokolowski 2000
Mr. Kurt J. Sokolowski, II 1998
Mrs. Laura P. Soto 1995
Ms. Jackie A. Souther 1985
Mr. Jay Spain 1980
Mrs. Mary I. Sparrow 1978
Dr. Sara E. Spayd 1974
Mrs. Allison G. Spears 
Mr. Mike Spears 1984
Mr. Richard A. Speers 1969
Dr. Kevin L. Speight 1981
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Spender Smith 
Mrs. Debra L. Sperduto 
Mr. Gaetano D. Sperduto 1981
Mrs. Heather Spivey 
The Honorable Ronald E. Spivey 1982
Mr. Christopher S. Spradlin 1994
Ms. Allison K. Sprague 2012
Ms. Morgan R. Sprague 2012
Dr. Robert L. Sprinkle III 1982
Mrs. Hope C. Squires 1994
Mrs. Judy A. Stafford 
Dr. Thomas H. Stafford, Jr. 1966
Mr. Charles E. Stallings 1977
Mrs. Jeanne R. Stallings 
Ms. Jodi Y. Stamey 2001
Dr. Richard M. Stanford 1972
Mr. Craig Andrew Stanton 2008
Mrs. Gwendolyn S. Staton 
Mrs. Catherine H. Stecklein 2006
Mr. W. Fletcher Steele 1973
Mr. Gary J. Steiger 1985
Mrs. Debbie Stephenson 
Mr. Joe Stephenson 
Mrs. Krista C. Stephenson 1984
Mr. W. Thomas Stephenson, Jr. 1979
Mr. Warren Stephenson 1958
Mrs. Brenda R. Stevens 1992
Mr. Scott A. Stevens 1990
Mrs. Ellen L. Stewart 1976
Mrs. Frances D. Stewart 
Mrs. Gaye Stewart 
Mr. James A. Stewart 1970
Mr. Michael L. Stewart 1991
Mr. Paul R. Stewart 1959
Mr. Roy M. Stewart 1986
Mrs. Ruth B. Stewart 1986
Dr. William L. Stewart 1975
Mrs. Sarah B. Stichter 1985
Mr. Scott A. Stichter 
Ms. Katherine Messerschmidt Stilley 2000
Ms. Marie E. Stockstill 1978
Mrs. Cynthia S. Stokes 
Mr. David M. Stokes 1981
Mr. Smith Stokes 1966
Mrs. Patricia S. Stokes 1982
Mr. Brent S. Stone 1991
Mr. Patrick E. Stone 2002
Ms. Rachel E. Stone 2012
Dr. Sophia J. Stone 2003
Mr. W. Carl Stone 1990
Mr. Walter H. Stone 
Mr. Alex Storey 1997
Dr. Sandra M. Stovall 1973
Mrs. Sonya W. Stovall 1988
Ms. Stacie Marie Stracqualursi 2012
Mr. Leighton W. Strader 
Mrs. Nan G. Strader 1982
Mrs. Mary S. Strassel 2000
Ms. Amy L. Strickland 2009
Mr. Clay M. Strickland 1989
Mrs. Laura H. Strickland 1992
Mrs. Nancy S. Strickland 1972
Mr. Reginald H. Strickland 1987
Mrs. Shelby M. Strickland 2012
Mr. Will Strickland 1988
Dr. Charles W. Stuber, Sr. 1965
Dr. Marilyn M. Stuber 1979
Mr. Karl J. Stuppnig 1989
Mr. Wesley J. Sturdevant 1992
Mr. Thomas V. Sturgis 1979
Mr. Wesley N. Styers 1990
Mr. Ram Subramaniam 1992
Mr. Jason R. Suite 1992
Dr. Holly M. Sullivan 1989
Mr. Paul B. Sullivan 1991
Mr. Stephen C. Summerlin 1976
Mr. Stephen M. Sumner, Sr. 1978
Mr. S. Michael Sumner, Jr. 2008
Mr. Stephen W. Sumner 2004
Mrs. Angela W. Swicegood 1991
Mr. Steven L. Swicegood 
Mr. Michael J. Switzer, Jr. 1994
Dr. Larry M. Sykes 1966
Mrs. Rita P. Sykes 
Mrs. Debra K. Taiwo 1988
Mr. Kip A. Talhelm 1993
Mrs. Kyle B. Talhelm 1995
Mrs. Michelle M. Tart 
Mr. R. Stephens Tart, Jr. 1977
Mrs. Anthea T. Tate 
Mrs. Hope H. Tate 
Mr. Jule W. Tate 1993
Dr. Russell J. Tate, Sr. 1958
Ms. Sharareh Tavafrashti 1982
Mr. Barrington D. Taylor, Jr. 
Dr. Bryan E. Taylor 
Dr. Georgia S. Taylor 1993
Mr. Harry B. Taylor, Jr. 1977
Mr. Jason A. Taylor 1997
Dr. Jennifer C. Taylor 1992
Mr. John H. Taylor 
Mr. Alan Taylor 2004
Dr. Julian R. Taylor 1965
Mrs. Latesha Y. Taylor 1999
Dr. Joseph L. Tedesco 2003
Mrs. Stephanie M. Tedesco 
Mr. W. Emerson Teer 1999
Mr. Benjamin C. Tennant 2005
Mrs. Joyce H. Terry 1975
Dr. Ronald L. Terry 1976
Mr. Samuel Tyson Terry 1976
Mr. Stephen A. Test 2002
Mrs. Carol W. Tevepaugh 
Mr. James A. Tevepaugh, Jr. 1973
Mrs. Ann S. Tew 
Mrs. Dawn C. Tew 1996
Dr. Gregory N. Tew 1994
Mr. Lynn C. Tew 
Ms. Lee Ann Tharrington 1994
Mrs. Nicole L. Tharrington 1991
Mr. Jonathan M. Thomas 2004
Ms. Bridget N. Thompson 2007
Mrs. Brigid Thompson 
Dr. David A. Thompson 1991
Mr. David O. Thompson 1975
Mr. David S. Thompson 1984
Mr. Jeffrey S. Thompson 2003
Mr. Larry L. Thompson 
Commander Mark Thompson, USN 1996
Ms. Mary F. Thompson 2011
Mrs. Nancy P. Thompson 1976
Mr. Peter M. Thompson 2008
Dr. Randall Thompson 2000
Mr. William B. Thompson, Jr. 1978
Mr. Willis Henry Thompson, IV 2008
Mr. Frank L. Thorne 1958
Mrs. Lynn B. Thorne 
Mrs. Elizabeth Thornton 1997
Mr. Mark A. Thornton 1997
Ms. Dale T. Threatt-Taylor 1991
Mrs. Sonja H. Tilley 1990
Mr. Wesley L. Tilley 1986
Mrs. Carol V. Titmus 
Mr. Edward B. Titmus 1961
Mr. John E. Titus 1988
Mr. Benjamin J. Tomlinson 2004
Mr. Jay D. Tomlinson 1982
Mr. Gerald J. Topinka 1964
Mrs. Kimberly S. Torrence 
Mr. R. Bryan Torrence 1987
Mr. Mark A. Tosczak 1994
Mr. L. John Toumaras 1986
Mrs. Emma Lou Traylor 
Mr. Brad Treat 1994
Ms. Roberta M. Tremain 1963
Mr. Christopher R. Tridico 1992
Mrs. Roslyn S. Troutman 
Mr. W. Scott Troutman 1989
Mrs. Marian W. Troxler 1984
Mr. William F. Troxler, Jr. 1978
Mr. Curtis C. Tucker 1990
Mr. Ralph C. Tucker Jr. 1974
Mr. James K. Turnage, Jr. 2005
Mrs. Christina H. Turner 
Dr. J. Eric Turner 1991
Mrs. Kelly F. Turner 1995
Mr. Randolph H. Turner 
Dr. Albert L. Tuttle 1979
Mrs. Dana Tuttle 
Mr. Michael M. Tuttle 1992
Dr. Lawrence A. Twisdale, Jr. 1969
Mr. F. Durward Tyson, Jr. 1986
Mrs. Sarah G. Underwood 1996
Mrs. Frances R. Upchurch 
Mr. Gary D. Upchurch 1976
Dr. Joseph V. Urbanski 1981
Mrs. Genie J. Ussery 1975
Mr. John W. Ussery 
Ms. Lynnette H. Valentine 1993
Mrs. Christina R. Vandemark 
Mr. Keaton D. Vandemark 2001
Mr. Richard L. Van Tassel II 1990
Captain William F. Vaughan 1998
Mr. J. Scott Vaughn 1985
Mrs. Wendy P. Vaughn 
Mr. Keith S. Venters 1992
Mrs. Samantha M. Venters 2001
Mr. David A. Verchick 1991
Dr. Julie G. Verchick 1992
Mr. Matt Vernon 2001
Mr. Pete Versfeld 1987
Mrs. Ann L. Via 
Mr. Robert W. Via 1970
Mr. Roy L. Vick, Jr. 1975
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Vieira 2001
Ms. Jennifer L. Viets 1992
Mr. Hugh C. Vincent, Jr. 1955
Mr. James B. Vining 1975
Mr. David C. Vondle 1996
Mr. George J. Wackerhagen 1975
Mr. Jerry A. Wackerhagen 1977
Mr. John Andrew Wagner 2014
Ms. Hillary Grace Wagstaff 2010
Mr. Bo Walden, Jr. 1978
Mr. Gary W. Walker 1969
Mr. John D. Walker 1991
Mr. L. Dudley Walker 1952
Mrs. Sharon B. Walker 
Mr. B. Thomas Ward, Jr. 1953
Mrs. Betty L. Ward 
Mrs. Cathy M. Ward 
Mr. James O. Ward 1978
Mr. John A. Ward, II 1991
Mr. Jonathan M. Ward 1993
Mr. Randall L. Ward 1968
Mrs. Susan P. Ward 
Mr. David P. Warren 1990
Mr. Don G. Warren, Jr. 1977
Mr. Don P. Warren 1968
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Warren 
Mr. H. G. Warren, Jr. 1984
Mrs. Jane C. Warren 1968
Mrs. Linda H. Warren 
Mrs. Michele A. Warren 
Mr. I. Miller Warren, Jr. 1968
Mr. Steve F. Warren 1968
Mrs. Adama T. Washington 1997
Mr. Dewayne N. Washington 2001
Mrs. Betsy C. Watkins 
Mr. Daniel L. Watkins 1970
Mr. Edward M. Watkins 1975
Mrs. Kathy M. Watkins 
Mr. Stephen B. Watkins 2007
Mr. Lawrence Edward Watson 1976
Mrs. Lory J. Watson 1992
Mr. Robert A. Watson 1991
Mr. William R. Watson 1963
Mr. John L. Watters, Jr. 1983
Ms. Ashley N. Waugaman 2016
Ms. Martha G. Wayne 2001
Mr. W. Scott Weathington 1984
Mr. Carl E. Weaver 1999
Mr. Joseph Stephen Weaver 1972
Mr. James M. Webb 1974
Mr. Michael G. Webb 1986
Ms. Nancy W. Webster 1975
Dr. Howard R. Weeks 1993
Mr. Michael A. Weeks 1979
Mrs. Royce P. Weeks 1975
Ms. Lenae M. Weichel 2000
Mr. Ron Weiger 1974
Mr. V. Gregory Weirs 1993
Mrs. Agnes B. Weisiger 
Mr. Edward I. Weisiger, Jr. 1982
Mr. Ed Weisiger 1954
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Weisiger 
Mr. Beau C. Weiss 2011
Mrs. Natalie S. Weiss 2011
Ms. Amy Welsh 1989
Ms. Judith K. Weseman 
Ms. Annie C. West 1978
Mr. C. Brantley West, III 2007
Mr. Gregory E. West 1988
Mr. Douglas D. Westmoreland 1978
Mr. Kevin Weston 1988
Dr. Laura L. Whatley 1978
Mr. Alfred W. Wheatley, Jr. 1969
Dr. Sarah-Ann H. Wheeler 2012
Mrs. Marilyn Whisenant 
Mr. Steven G. Whisenant 1974
Mr. John R. Whitaker 1998
Mr. Michael A. Whitaker 1996
Mr. R. Doggett Whitaker Jr. 1970
Mr. Roy L. Whitaker 1982
Mr. Seth W. Whitaker 2001
Mr. T. Chad Whitaker 2015
Mrs. Tyler Schacte Whitaker 
Mrs. Ann H. White 
Mr. Christopher J. White 1993
Mr. David S. White 1990
Mr. James A. White 2014
Mrs. Kathy A. White 
Mr. S. Edward White 1978
Mr. Andy Whitehorne 2005
Mr. David H. Whitley 1992
Mrs. Karen D. Whitley 
Mrs. Jakki S. Whitten 
Mr. Samuel R. Whitten, III 1969
Mrs. Kimberly J. Wicker 1997
Mr. Kent Wiggins 1977
Mrs. Charlene Wiggins 1978
Ms. Libby Wilcox 
Mr. C. John Wiley 1976
Mr. William R. Wilhelm 1996
Mr. Robby Wilkerson, Jr. 1998
Mr. Jacob S. Wilkins 2016
Mrs. Janis G. Wilkinson 
Mrs. Leigh A. Wilkinson 1982
Mr. Michael W. Wilkinson 1961
Mrs. Ray L. Wilkinson 1990
Mr. Ronnie L. Willard 1969
Mrs. Andrea Young Williams 1984
Mr. C. S. Williams 1969
Ms. Charece D. Williams 2002
Mr. C. T. Williams, IV 1971
Mr. C. Curtis Williams, Jr. 1987
Mr. Cody N. Williams 2007
Mr. D. Lynn Williams 1979
Mrs. Earline S. Williams 
Mr. James M. Williams 2005
Mrs. Jennifer B. Williams 
Mrs. Linda Williams 
Mrs. Martha R. Williams 
Dr. Milton G. Williams, Jr. 1961
Mr. Nicholas D. Williams 2004
Ms. Pamela E. Williams 2001
Mrs. Tricia Williams 1979
Mr. Robert L. Williams, Jr. 1968
Mr. R. S. Williams Jr. 1958
Mr. Samuel S. Williams, Jr. 1985
Mrs. Sandra A. Williams 
Dr. Craig Williams 1990
Mr. Warren A. Williams 1990
Ms. Wendi K. Williams 
Mrs. Elizabeth Williamson 
Mr. D. Vann Williford 1970
Mr. James V. Williford 2000
Mrs. Lorena S. Williford 
Mrs. Susanne Smith Williford 2000
Mr. Charles A. Willis 1958
Mr. C. Cooper Willis 1991
Dr. Kerry A. Willis 1981
Mrs. Amy P. Willoughby 
Mr. T. Vaughn Willoughby, Jr. 1977
Mrs. Brenda S. Wilson 
Mr. Charles T. Wilson, Jr. 1965
Dr. Chris N. Wilson 1995
Mr. Christian A. Wilson 2002
Mr. Christopher H. Wilson 1972
Mrs. Deborah B. Wilson 1972
Mr. Butch Wilson 
Mr. Hugh E. Wilson III 1998
Mr. John C. Wilson 1973
Mr. John D. Wilson Jr. 2002
Mr. John G. Wilson III 1968
Mr. Larry J. Wilson 1978
Mrs. Susan B. Wilson 1973
Mr. Thomas L. Wilson Sr. 1960
Mr. William R. Wilson, Jr. 2002
Mr. Donald S. Wimbrow, II 1975
Ms. Sarah T. Winkler 1974
Mr. William H. Winslow 1984
Mr. Lacy W. Winstead, Jr. 1966
Mrs. Allison F. Winter 2011
Mr. Cameron L. Winter 2010
Mrs. Brooklyn G. Winters 1994
Mr. Mikele E. Winters 1994
Mrs. Carol W. Witherington 
Mr. James N. Witherington 1972
Mr. H. E. Withers, III 1975
Mrs. Sharon B. Withers 
Mr. Donald R. Witter, IV 2001
Dr. Jodi L. Wittlin 1994
Mr. Craig A. Wobick 2004
Mr. Jake Woehr 2000
Mr. Robert F. Womack 1976
Mr. Robert R. Womack 1959
Captain Cynthia Womble, USN 1989
Mr. Thomas F. Womble, IV 1988
Ms. Yiyi Wong 2008
Mr. Edgar A. Wood III 1980
Mr. Ryan P. Wood 2004
Mr. Steven D. Wood 1988
Mr. Terry G. Wood 
Mr. Donald R. Woods 1995
Mr. Edgar S. Woolard, Jr. 1956
Mrs. Peggy H. Woolard 
Major Tad W. Woolfe, USAF 2001
Mr. Ben Wooten 2006
Mrs. Jane B. Wooten 
Mr. Kenneth R. Wooten 1976
Mrs. Debbie E. Worley 1974
Mr. Bryant Worley, Jr. 1975
Mr. George L. Worsley, Jr. 
Mrs. Reba H. Worsley 
Mr. Lee R. Wouters 2001
Mr. Jeffrey D. Wright 1991
Mrs. Mary Brent Wright 
Mr. Michael A. Wright, Sr. 1984
Mrs. Pamela D. Wright 1985
Mr. Robert G. Wright 1968
Mr. Robert S. Wright, Jr. 1992
Dr. Phail Wynn, Jr. 1974
Mr. Tom Yarboro 1981
Mrs. Michelle M. Yates 1990
Mr. Todd T. Yates 1989
Mr. Thomas E. Yearwood 1999
Dr. Kam Fu Yee 1990
Mr. Neill C. Yelverton 1997
Mr. Brandon Yopp 2005
Mrs. Amanda W. Yopp 2002
Mr. Doug Yopp 2000
Dr. James D. Yopp Jr. 1960
Mrs. Johanna F. Yopp 
Mr. G. Smedes York 1963
Mrs. Rosemary A. York 
Ms. Amanda Jane Young 2013
Mrs. Deborah B. Young 1977
Dr. Denise Y. Young 1984
Dr. Janet M. Young 1990
Mr. Jason Dwight Young 1982
Mr. Stephen C. Young 2006
Ms. Martha B. Youngblood 1979
Mr. Eric S. Yow 1996
Mr. Matthew C. Yow 1999
Dr. Lisa P. Zapata 1993
Mr. Michael Zapata, III 1990
Mrs. Elham C. Zelickman 2005
Mr. Thomas J. Zelickman 2004
Ms. Anne F. Ziglar 
Mr. Eric M. D. Zion 1998
Mrs. Christina M. Zoltek 
Mr. Kevin M. Zoltek 1992
Mr. Mark A. Zumbach 2000

Mr. Clarence B. Adams, Jr. 1960
Mrs. Ella H. Apple 
Dr. J. Lawrence Apple 1949
Mr. Emilio Maza Arizpe 1939
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Aycock 
Mr. M. Edmund Aycock 1936
Mr. Frederick Carew Ayers 1960
Mr. Hoyt Q. Bailey 1950
Mr. Henry Ball 
Mrs. Charlotte W. Beard 
Mrs. Mary E. Beasley 
Mr. Clarence B. Beaver, Jr. 1952
Mr. Michael K. Berkut 1940
Mr. John D. Besse 1952
Mr. Dale C. Bone 1965
Mr. Richard H. Bradley 1964
Mr. Paul G. Braxton 1957
Mr. Robert C. Britt 1957
Mrs. Barbara M. Brown 
Mr. Ray Bryan, Jr. 1953
Mr. William L. Burns, Jr. 1950
Mr. Stewart Bryan Coleman 1972
Mr. Curtis M. Dail 
Mrs. Gladys W. Dail 
Mr. Ronald Roger Danella 1967
Chaplain Al J. Dash 
Mrs. Sue M. Daughtridge 1943
Mr. Wayne T. Day 1965
Mr. Ralph Degen 1947
Mrs. Geri P. DeLoatche 
Mr. Robert Lacy Dick 1949
Mr. Alan T. Dickson 1953
Mr. L. Marion Dilday 1943
Mr. C. A. Dillon, Jr. 1947
Mrs. Jeanette S. Dove 
Mr. C. W. Edwards 1961
Mr. H. Clay Ferebee III 1942
Mr. S. Scott Ferebee, Jr. 1948
Mr. Wilton Lee Fleming 1943
Mrs. Brenda B. Francis 
Mrs. Ida H. Friday 
Dr. William C. Friday 1941
Mr. Allen F. Gant 1955
Mr. William M. Garmon, Sr. 1954
Mrs. Carol L. Gaskins 
Mr. William S. Goodwin 1950
Mr. Percival Porcher Gregg, Jr. 1940
Mr. William Bradley Griffin 1942
Dr. William Robert Guffey 1960
Mr. Daniel C. Gunter, Jr. 1950
Mr. Joseph J. Harand 1950
Mrs. Nell K. Harand 
Mr. S. Kent Harrill 1986
Mr. N. Clark Hatcher, Jr. 1952
Mrs. Cynthia V. Howard 
Mrs. Edna M. Hunter 
Mr. Ernest L. Hyde 1936
Mr. Reef C. Ivey II 1965
Mr. George Woodrow Jones 1942
Mrs. Jane H. Jones 
Mr. William H. Kapp 1954
Mr. W. Duke Kimbrell 1949
Mr. J. Lloyd Langdon 1940
Mrs. Madelyn P. Langdon 
Mr. Eugene M. Langley, Jr. 1961
Dr. Caroline H. Laundon 1976
Mr. Charles A. LeGrand 1951
Mrs. Patricia B. LeGrand 
Mr. Stephen C. Lilley 1976
Mr. Henry Edgar Longley, Jr. 1955
Mr. John R. Martin 1948
Mr. R. M. McAlister 1951
Mr. Robert Wade McDonald 1956
Mr. Alan M. McGee, Jr. 1949
Mr. Merlin A. Meares 1948
Mrs. Carolyn W. Menscer 
Mrs. Elsie J. Mizelle 
Mrs. Soad Mohamed 
Mr. Edward Washington Mooney, Jr. 1952
Mr. Philip S. Moore, Jr. 1949
Dr. Donald E. Moreland 1949
Mrs. Verdie S. Moreland 
Mrs. Gloria A. Norwood 
Mr. Billy B. Oliver 1954
Mr. Charles Lee Overman 1954
Mrs. Dorothy D. Park 
Mrs. Arnette C. Parker 
Dr. Robert E. Parries 1968
Mr. Howell Rhodes Peele, Sr. 1950
Mr. Jones Y. Pharr, Jr. 1940
Mrs. Helen Lanning Pitts 
Mr. Philip H. Pitts 1935
Dr. Thomas B. Platt 1952
Mr. E. John Poindexter 1958
Dr. John William Pou 1938
Mr. Dan C. Ragan 1949
Mr. Charles Hoge Reynolds 1939
Dr. Benton S. Satterfield 1958
Ms. Carolyn W. Scheviak 
Mr. John W. Schlirf 1952
Mrs. Janice Faulkner Sharp 1981
Mr. Arthur George Shugart 1934
Mrs. Lalla H. Sidbury 1978
Mr. Louis C. Smith 1950
Mr. William A. Smith 1961
Mr. J. Raymond Sparrow, Jr. 1978
Mr. Myron S. Staton 
Mr. J. D. Dick Thompson 1939
Mr. Leigh Traylor 1945
Mr. Robert L. Tucker 1970
Mr. James Leo Tutterow 1959
Mr. Kenneth Everett Vaughn 1959
Mr. Ed Vick 1956
Dr. E. Douglas Waits 1967
Mr. J. C. Whitehurst, Jr. 1951
Mr. A. Tab Williams, Jr. 1950
Mr. G. J. Williams 1985
Mr. William C. Williford 1947
Mr. Bynum M. Wood 1954
Mr. Bryce R. Younts 1948
Mr. Joseph M. Ziglar 1952


(Updated March, 2017)