The Alumni Association has partnered with the NC State Career Development Center to offer all of our recruiting partner’s access to ePACK, the university’s online recruiting tool. With this partnership, employers can now post jobs for students and alumni in one online location!

Other features include resume batches of qualified applicants*, registration access for career fairs and information session and the ability to proactively search for resumes of both students and alumni.

If your company already has an ePACK account, you’re all set. To post jobs for alumni, just make sure you click on ‘full time experienced’ within the ‘position type’ field.

If you don’t have an ePACK account, register online and we’ll send you detailed instructions on how to utilize all of the system benefits.

*The ability to proactively search resumes of NC State alumni is limited to full-time employers. Third party recruiters can post positions, but will not have access to resume books.