Five ways to #HowlBack and be a part of the Alumni Association


We have alumni networks in every corner of the country, from the West Coast to Beaufort, N.C. Be it in New Jersey or Arizona, our volunteer network leaders are waiting to welcome you to an event — anything from getting together for burgers and a Wolfpack game to joining forces on a service project. And if you find there’s not an active network in your area, our outreach team at the Alumni Association can help you start one. Alumni Networks »


We’re creating new ways to help Wolfpack alumni foster a relationship with incoming students. We’re asking volunteers across North Carolina to go to local high schools during the spring to present scholarships that have been awarded to incoming freshmen. If you would like to represent NC State at a high school in your area, please contact the Alumni Association at


Come to one of the Alumni Association’s signature events. We have Legacy Admissions Sessions, where prospective students can learn how the admissions process works at NC State. Once a student has been admitted, we host Wolfpack Freshman Welcomes across the state to celebrate and welcome all the new Wolfpackers heading to campus. We have reunion weekends, ring ceremonies for graduating seniors at the end of each semester and, of course, our weeklong homecoming celebration every fall. And we’re adding educational programs, such as the event we held in the summer that featured a discussion about NC State alumni involved in World War II at Normandy. Stop by the Park Alumni Center, where you can have lunch at the State Club, which is open to the public 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays. Alumni Events »


Did you take a great vacation to some exotic locale that became that much more magical when you put your Mr. Wuf stuffed animal or NC State flag in a scene for a pic? Well, we want to see it — and share it with others — through our Flickr and Instagram accounts. Are you excited about the upcoming football game? Post a comment on our Facebook page. We encourage you to like and follow us across all of our social media channels, including YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Social Media Accounts »


In addition to our Alumni Association networks, we have an assortment of special constituency groups that aren’t based on where you live. If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to bounce your next great idea off another alum with a start-up, we have an entrepreneurial group. We have a group for our Caldwell Fellows who want to reconnect. We have a groups for African-American and Native American alumni, and another one for lawyers. Constituency Groups »